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The Top Whores

April 19, 2017 4 comments

We’ll list eight presumptive whores. The eighth example will be the least whorish. We’ll work our way down to the number one whore in our survey.

  1. Jacqueline Siegel is no spring chicken at 46, but she happily married David Siegel, who is 77. In this case of least whorish of the eight whores might have real feelings for her husband. He’s a nice looking man, and a billionaire. Would she have married him if he was of average worth? It’s possible in the Siegel’s case.
  1. Joan Dangerfield is a gorgeous woman of 59, not a youngster, to be sure. However, she gladly married the fine looking gentleman of 95, Kirk Kerkorian. Might she have married him if he did not own sixteen billion dollars?
  1. Kristy Hinze is like a ray of sunshine. She’s married to a Silicon Valley billionaire named Jim Clark. Does she love only Jim, or Jim plus his billions?
  1. Tamiko Bolton is a yoga instructor, age of 40. She has a lovely Asian look to her, and is married to a man named George Soros. You have probably heard of him. He’s 82 years old, and possesses several billion dollars. Love and money is a rich mix.
  1. Wendi Deng was a Chinese American successful businessperson when she married Rupert Murdoch. She was 48, he was 87. She didn’t need the money, so why was she a whore anyway?
  1. Kristen Georgi, a 23 year old manicurist married morbidly obese oil billionaire Joe Hardy. He was 85, and he married another youngster not long after this one walked. Are they whores, or do they just like old, fat men?
  1. Ricki Schenk withholds her age, although one can see she’s no youngster. All the same, she’s marrying Karl Wlaschek. Karl is 94, and I’m sure Ricki is much younger than half that age. It seems whorish to me.
  1. Milania Trump is the number one whore. She’s married to one of the shittiest people on earth, and her regret is etched on her lovely face, in repose. He’s not even as rich as he claims, but is getting richer every day. It’s YOUR money he’s stealing, Americans!

Marissa: Act 1

May 31, 2015 Leave a comment

My name is Barbara Goldstone. I’m a sociopath.

I’ve kept my ex-husband’s family name because my maiden family name is from Eastern Europe, and a tortuous conglomerate of consonants. I was divorced from my husband because he was afraid of me. I was somewhat sexually experienced, and he was not. He actually asked me to teach him how it’s done. He was a wimp and I was a tramp, that’s why we married. He was afraid of women, and he lived at his parents’ home and worked in his family’s hardware store. No proper, sane man would have married me, so it was me and the wimp. After the divorce I got an apartment in a suburban triplex that my father owned.

I had moderate secretarial skills, so I took a job at a ‘temp’ company. They send you to different companies that need temporary office assistance. It’s mostly typing and filing… super boring. Before my marriage I did a turn as a stripper. I also had an abortion. So I was generally thought of as a tramp. Promiscuous, I guess I mean. I can’t help it because it’s what I believe: any person should be able to enjoy sex with any other person any time, as long as they both want to. I guess that’s a sign that I’m a sociopath.

It seems that a psychopath and a sociopath are really the same thing. I’ve always thought there was a difference though: a psychopath would kill and maim without feelings of remorse, regret, or any feeling, actually. A sociopath, such as I believe I am, will do selfish, cruel things with no feeling of any kind about it. The difference is the violence. I would never do physical violence of any kind, but don’t care much about other people’s feelings. I remember one time I was dating this guy and he told me he loves me. I told him I didn’t know what love is. I know now that I am not capable of knowing what love is. I’m a sociopath.

One time the temp company sent me on a job in a large advertising agency. I was to fill in for vacationing personnel in the secretarial pool on the third floor. It was the area where the account managers, account directors and account executives had their offices. Down the hall there were offices all along one side. That was the creative department where art directors and copywriters had their offices, as well as production department offices.

I seduced a couple of the senior account directors just for fun. One day when I was carrying a tray of coffee to the screening room, this guy from the art department came up behind me and cupped my breasts from behind. I was carrying the goodies tray, so couldn’t do anything. I wouldn’t have anyway, and Peter knew that. He could sense that I’m a dirty girl, but he couldn’t know I’m a sociopath.

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