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We are Observed

February 5, 2018 Leave a comment

When I consider the number of ancient structures that ancient people could not have created, it seems certain that extra-terrestrial beings have visited. They have not made themselves seen by us, but they are dropping hints. We have sightings of airborne vehicles that make moves not possible by human designed aircraft. Perhaps they are just hinting at their presence, but are not yet willing to reveal themselves.

In ancient times, when extra-terrestrials visited the planet Earth, the primitive society did not have the weaponry to dissuade the aliens. The aliens must be observing us, and seeing the rise of violence and deceit that is the norm in current society, they wisely decided to stay clear of us. There is no other reason why they should refrain from visiting and helping us get out of the crappy rut that is the contemporary society in which we are currently stuck.

I imagine they see the planet’s currently primary nation is led by a mentally imbalanced, psychopathic liar. They observe the absence of moral judgement in the current president, and they fear an Earth-destroying response to their presence, if it becomes known that they’re here. If, in the fullness of time, our messed up society finds its way to peace and cooperation, perhaps the aliens will honour us with a visit.

We have to face the fact that we are probably just a small, unimportant research project being observed by superior beings. If we ever behave ourselves like civilized citizens we might earn the right for a visit from highly developed aliens. They might have the facilities to sort us out properly right now, but that would negate the research they’ve been developing for thousands of years

I for one anticipate a great advantage for humanity, if we ever show that we are sufficiently intelligent and sensible to handle their arrival like a sophisticated species. Perhaps humanity’s belief in many diverse deities is just laughable to them, because they know, as many of us are learning, that there is no god.


Charity Needs No God

January 29, 2018 Leave a comment

Hungry men and women gather at shelters. They are seeking meals that are provided by various religious groups. The individuals who believe they are doing God’s work are working to help their fellow humans. The congregations provide the funding, sharing in the warm feeling of doing God’s work, helping people in need. Excellent! But what does God have to do with it?

There is no reason why some God of some religion has to be involved in the good and generous works being performed. The generosity of spirit should suffice to satisfy the practitioners. It should not be necessary to display crosses, crescents, stars and what have you. The fact is that God is a myth, and science has proven it with research and facts. Therefore, the generous people that work to do good for others are really doing it for their internal satisfaction. Perhaps that feeling is what many people take to be the spirit of God within each of us.

The recent death in Montreal of Father John, known as “Pops”, brought out a plethora of people that profess to have been saved by Father John – Pops. The man did truly wonderful, selfless work. He operated a large motorhome-like van in a program known as “Dans La Rue”, which is French for “On The Street”.

Pops and his volunteers go out on the night streets of Montreal and provide meals and drinks to the street people. Some are old people who have lost their way in life. Many are young people seeking a way to survive. They have survived thanks to Pops and his generous program of feeding the needy.

The fact is, Pops could do the same work with the same result without the church and the Father John part. Why is God included? I don’t know, but I’m quite sure there is no God.

The Planet Rebels

January 21, 2018 Leave a comment

A religious person might see God’s will in the wave of natural disasters that have swamped society. Hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes befall societies throughout our planet. An atheist, on the other hand, might see it as natural sequences of events, not completely free of human contributions.

The planet Earth is a living, evolving entity. I see the Earth’s crust as its skin, like the skin on my face. We have all seen pimples emerge on our faces. First it shows as a small, reddish mound. Later it becomes less red, and begins to peak. Finally, it is a pimple, filled with material your body rejects. It is also this way with our planet.

I used to own a hobby farm where we kept horses. My favourite chore was to go out into the forest and cut riding trails throughout the many acres. The forest is healthy, so each summer I’d travel the trails again, to trim off the bits that intruded into the riding space.

There was a patch where two trails intersected. As the years passed, I noticed a small area, about twenty inches square in the cleared part of the two trails, where the grass was dying off. The following year, the grass had been replaced by moss. A year later, the moss was turning from green to brown, and looking ragged. Following years showed a granite boulder pushing up through the earth. Eventually, it was a large rock on the trail.

As with Icebergs where we see just ten percent of the lump of ice and below hangs ninety percent so it could be with that rock. It might be just the tip of a boulder that’s the size of a house. That’s why I see the planet as a living thing. As our skin ejects wax, fat or whatever, the earth ejects rocks and whatever as it evolves into eternity.

The life of the Earth is obvious in its seething center, boiling granite that sometimes bursts through the planet’s skin and runs down in rivulets until, at some time in infinity, it becomes more rocks to later be expelled.

Meanwhile, we enjoy the luxury of Earth’s life; trees of fruit, trees of shade, rain, snow, fields of green, fields of gold and seasons.

We need to take better care of The Earth, and greed gets in the way. The oligarchs are our enemies.

Applause for Atheists

January 19, 2018 Leave a comment

The end of the human burden of religion is upon us. The strength of scientific evidence and the frailties of religious practitioners are taking effect. We won’t live to see it, but I believe there will be a time when all peoples adopt the logical position; God is a myth.

There are two choices; choose faith or choose logic. It’s a difficult question for people that believe in divine design. Their faith tells them to have faith in the myth and continue to support the institution of prayer. There is another way to look at it.

Let’s take a moment to consider a Christian television evangelist. He or she literally says, “Send us money and we’ll prayer for you.” The Catholic Church does the same thing, in a much more elegant way. As the pitchmen say, “it’s the flash”. The Catholic headquarters is the Vatican. It’s a private estate, and tax free. The head guy, the Pope preaches the simple life, humble, generous, and faithful. Oh yes, the faith.

While preaching humility, the church is resplendent with gold, jewels, fabulous artworks and objects of great commercial value. They are but decorations in the Pope’s palace. The costumes are another part of the hustle. Tall hats decorated with valuable metals top off sweeping gowns edged in gold, glittering in light from a hundred candelabra and a thousand candles.

It’s just the church’s way of doing the evangelist’s hustle. They possess magic smoke and magic water. They possess wafers made from God’s son. They possess wine made from Jesus’ blood. It’s a powerful hustle and works on the same people that send money to evangelists for a vial of water.

I am encouraged that the myth grows weaker. Atheist broadcasters gain cheers and applause when making points about the futility of belief in a God, any God. They are all simply a bloodthirsty, greedy hustle. If you’re a believer, get over it.

I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ God!

January 9, 2018 1 comment

Some missions to help the poor and disadvantaged do necessary, generous work. In Toronto, The Scott Mission was a landmark. In Montreal, The Old Brewery Mission does all it can for the lost spirits on the streets. I speak out of turn because I’ve never been in either of those establishments. I go by news stories and movies with scenes that depict the true activities.

Most often, a strong religious overtone hangs like a threat over the humble, hungry citizens. Usually Christian I expect, with similar establishments by Muslims, Jews, and the rest of the divisions of godliness.

I do as much good as I can. I live the most honest life I am able to, don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal. I don’t mean I’ve never done anything bad or illegal in my life, I just mean that on a day to day basis, I do my level best to be right and good. I don’t believe in God, nor have I ever. I was raised within a religion, I accepted schooling in the meanings of the rituals, but I never believed that an all-powerful God was taking notes.

I have experienced vile behavior by devout, orthodox, religious people. I have experienced superb, dignified behavior by completely atheistic people. They don’t need a God to drive them away from wrong and into what is right. I need no God, because if I was to have one, it would not be a God, just a god. It would be nature throughout the universe, through eternity and infinity, wherein seeming miracles happen every day.

Feed the hungry. Heal the sick. Shelter the homeless. You don’t really need a God influence in it. It is good, generous and right to give, god or no god. Many church going people are evil and dishonest in other parts of their lives. Many atheists are totally honest, with the community and with themselves. No God required, thank you.

A Most Infectious Virus

November 30, 2017 Leave a comment

It spreads like hate. The source is unknown, it infects young children who grow up and sustain it. The virus is perilously infectious and permanently spreads through families. Fathers and mothers tell sons and daughters about it, and so it spreads. The virus is destructive and insidious. Millions of people pass away every year, carrying the virus until their death. Specialists that minister to the infected wear cloaks or uniforms to signal their specialty.

Good parents work to prepare their children for life. Children are warned that fire is hot, do not touch it. Stay away from water because it can drown people. Be sure to look both ways before you cross a street. We are Christians, we believe in god and Christ. And so the child is ‘told’ the virus. If you had not been told your religion and your beliefs, would you have that religious belief? The loving parents that prepared you for some realities in life told you your religion and your beliefs.

I was told I was a Jew. I went to a synagogue school to learn the Jewish language. I had training to perform in Hebrew at my bar mitzvah, the ritual celebration when a boy reaches the age of 13, and he is taken into the Jewish fold as a man.

Immediately after my bar mitzvah, I quit the synagogue, the Hebrew school, and all the ritual nonsense about what to eat, what to not eat, how to behave on certain days, when to fast, how to honour the Sabbath and so on, to ridiculous extremes.

Common sense tells me it’s all bunk. The priest with the funny hat, long gown in brocade fabrics, holy water, candles, smoke, scrolls – it’s all baloney, be it Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and so many other false gods.  It’s all made up bunk by superstitious old people far in the ignorant past. There is no god and religion is a con.

I Learned A Lot While Becoming Old

October 27, 2017 Leave a comment

If you are not already old, you have a lot of incoming information ahead of you. I don’t mean your courses or your formal education at all. I mean life. If one thinks for a moment of how much was learned about life between the ages of thirteen and nineteen, imagine how much you’ll learn in the next ten years.

You’re comparatively untethered now and can make many decisions on your own. There are some huge differences between types of people. The slow and steady ones do have a very good chance of coming out ahead in the end. If we’re talking about stability and safety as well as a decent livelihood, the steady, conservative person might well win in the acquisition of property and security.

If we’re talking about a life filled to the brim with adventures and experiences, then the secure person gets a taste of adventure and experiences, but does not enjoy emersion in the richer parts of life. One is not better than the other; it’s just a matter of which one suits the individual. In my own experience, I put double or triple energy into my life and had a hell of a time.

I figured: all we’re really given by life is time, so the more I can put into that time, the more life I can take out of it.