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Looking For My Unique Woman

October 30, 2017 Leave a comment

There are some amazing women in literature. I need to find a woman as fascinating and desirable as Lisbeth Salander is in Stieg Larsson’s ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’. To find a woman like her, in my reality or in my fiction would be exciting beyond imagination. I need to find a woman equally unique about whom I could write.

In ‘The First Deadly Sin’ by Lawrence Sanders, a bold, sensual woman named Celia Montfort was unlike any other woman I had ever met in a story. She was completely different from Lisbeth Salander and fascinating in different ways. Both characters had large parts of their lives hidden. Not out of fear of attack or anything like that. It just was more comfortable for them to keep themselves to themselves. There was not a lot of soul-searching and plotting to be as unique as they are – it was just the way they are.

All characters one creates must quite naturally be based on characters one has known in life. Usually, one takes characteristics from several acquaintances and weaves them together into one interesting character. I am pondering my unique woman as I begin to create her. I remember a time several decades ago, when I found myself in a huge rockabilly nightclub in Savanah, Georgia. Center stage there was a young blonde woman singing and shaking. There were two physical characteristics of that woman with which I will begin my search for my unique woman.

She was more than six feet tall with a gorgeous avalanche of lively, radiant, bouncing blonde hair flowing out from the ten-gallon straw hat she wore. Her shape was hidden behind her large bib overalls. The effect was enticing, because her large breasts, narrow waist and parts of her hips flashed creamy white skin through various openings in the overalls. Bare feet projected out of the long legs of the overalls.

I hope to use her as a framework for my uniquely exciting woman. If I can properly imbue her with unique characteristics, I might be able to write stories about her as a heroine or anti-heroine. I expect a challenge because of her unique size. Admittedly, it does give me an open opportunity to use her size to justify some of her unique characteristics. At the same time, it might go against my ability to make her sexy or intimately appealing. I will just have to start a story and let it lead me to answers.


Starbound 21

December 27, 2014 Leave a comment

Unexpectedly, the entire Bitches team agreed that Sylvia Volkov would front the group. Bernie Cohen went back to the city. Richard Silver, Rachel Horowitz and the three black backup girls stayed at Richard’s house. Rachel created a schedule where most of the recording work would be begun near sundown and would carry on until one in the morning. That meant there was time to wind down, to take it easy and record at the day’s end when everyone has had the day to themselves.

At one o’clock in the morning, after the first recording session everyone went off to bed. The musicians who had come for the session went back to the city. Some of them had engagements for commercial jingles or other studio work and were happy to have the night work while still having their usual recording work.

Bernie eagerly set up a tour for The New Bitches, with Sylvia fronting the group. In city after city, they were a tremendous and profitable hit. After three months on the road Bernie had them return to the studio. The abbreviated tour proved that the revised group still drew the crowds and that Sylvia’s new stage name, Sylvie Voltaire was on lips and magazine covers everywhere. Bernie wisely realized that timing was perfect to record a new DVD and release it when the full year tour began.

Almost as soon as the DVD hit the stores and the tour began in Detroit, there were traffic jams, riots and fights that required the promoters to keep at least a dozen guards on hand to deal with the fans. Sylvia was focused on her performances and accepted Rachel’s capable guidance. For that reason, it was a surprise to Sylvia that there was just one more show to do. She was pleased. Eleven months on the road, living in hotels and on the giant tour bus had worn Sylvia down.

“What city?” said Sylvia. Rachel smiled.

“Bernie arranged this as a special treat before you take a long vacation,” Rachel said. “It’s your old home town.”

“What?” said Sylvia. She was stunned. The last place on the planet she ever wanted to see again.

“What’s the matter, Sweetie,” said Rachel. “You look freaked out.”

“How could you let him do this?” said Sylvia. “You know the whole town hated me. I was shunned, ridiculed and raped by the football team.”

“We thought you’d enjoy getting even, returning an international star and multi-millionaire,” said Rachel.

“What arena are we in?” said Sylvia.

“The arenas were too small for this concert, Sweetie,” said Rachel. “You’re booked into the stadium.”

“The football stadium?” said Sylvia. “That’s where the bastards raped me. It’s their fucking stadium.”

“It’s not Sylvia Volkov they’re coming to see,” said Rachel. “It’s Sylvie Voltaire. You can decide after the concert if you want to tell the media that you’re Sylvia Volkov.”

“They might boo me, throw things,” said Sylvia. “You don’t know how they hated me.

“They were teenagers then,” said Rachel. “They’re young men now, some with families, working guys I mean. It will be different.”

Sylvia was smuggled into the dressing room and she was beside herself with insecurity. Rachel tried everything to make her relax. The show was not until the next night, so there was some time to get Sylvia ready to perform with the explosive talent for which Sylvie Voltaire is known.

That night a crowd gathered to wait for the ticket booth to open. While trying to relax in the comfortable dressing room, Sylvia picked up a program for the concert. The cover was a life size shot of Sylvie Voltaire’s face. Rachel cut out the image and made a mask out of it. Sylvia Volkov then put a mask of Sylvie Voltaire’s face over her own and tentatively went outside and around the corner where she could move amid the crowd that was gathering.

Every comment she heard was enthusiastically positive. They all loved Sylvie Voltaire and felt privileged that she would visit their little city. She even saw two of the guys who had raped her, now young men. They were speaking of how they hoped they could get up close to Voltaire. One of them complemented her on the clever use of the program cover.

Sylvia went to her hotel with Rachel Horowitz and Richard Silver. She was feeling more at ease. Her confidence had been reinforced by the favourable comments she’d heard from many audience members.

The concert was a success as it was expected to be. The performances were outstanding and the crowd loved it. The crew was happy to get back home at last. Richard especially had some exciting developments in mind for the group. There was a new era dawning for music, electronics, and Sylvie Voltaire.

Starbound 20

December 14, 2014 Leave a comment

The atmosphere was warm and friendly around the barbecue on a large patio at Richard Silver’s country home. Delicious hamburgers and spicy sausages were cooked to perfection by Rachel Horowitz with some help from Sylvia Volkov. There was a choice of normal hamburger and hotdog buns, rye bread or pita to cater to every preference.

Quiet, comfortable chatting was going on among the guests in lawn chairs and around the umbrella table. The sun was still high although turning a warm orange colour as it slowly floated toward the western horizon. The air was rich with the fragrance of fresh mown hay from Richard’s hundred acre pasture. Bernie Cohen was unusually relaxed compared to his usual histrionics as manager and agent for The Bitches. Richard Silver was slightly suspicious about his calm demeanor.

Sylvia chatted with Richard while Rachel barbecued. Bernie was discussing the next tour, the first with the new lead singer, whoever that would be. Bernie had a suspiciously sly look as he spoke these last words. Even Sylvia, watching over Richard’s shoulder, could see that some kind of confrontation was waiting in the wings to burst out. After everyone was sated, full of meat, wine and beer, Richard suggested they all stroll over to the studio and get down to business.

“Without Sateen out front,” Richard said, “we’re going to need a special sound to keep our audience and attract more of them.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that,” Bernie said. Richard stopped what he was doing and looked hard at Bernie. Even though Bernie was his boss, Richard didn’t take any crap from anybody.

“What’s up your sleeve, Bernie?” said Richard.

“I just think it’s gonna be easier than you think to replace Sateen,” said Bernie.

“It sounds like you have someone in mind,” Rachel said.

“I have, I have,” said Bernie happily. He bit off the end of a fresh cigar, spit it out and popped the cigar into his mouth.

“When are we going to audition her?” Sylvia said.

“When the time is right,” Bernie said.

“Well the time is right at this moment, for this audition,” said Richard.

Sylvia left the control room and went into the studio on the other side of the glass. She shed her clothes so that she was in a skin-tight black sequined teddy when Richard started the music. Sylvia began her spellbinding movements that oozed sensuality and vulnerability. She had become the second most important member of The Bitches except for Sateen, just because of her magical and original dance style.

“I know she can dance, Dick,” said Bernie. “We need a vocalist now.”

Sylvia slowed her movements to an undulating walk, approached a microphone and began to sing.

Some of us have everything we need,
Some of us have more than we need,
Some of us have not enough to eat,
Some of us have no hope no more.

Everybody knows the right answer,
Some don’t want to hear the question,
Everybody wants all lives to be good,
Except for the people who want it all.

The song went on and the sound that engulfed the control room was as magical as Sylvia’s dancing. Richard’s manipulations and enhancements of Sylvia’s voice gave her a most desirable sound.

“That’s just what I expected,” Bernie said. “What kind of manager would I be if I didn’t know what you kids were doing out here during the break? I’ve been getting feedback from my spies and I knew you struck gold with Sylvia and already have the promotions in preparation.” He turned to Sylvia, “And you, my little Golden Goose are being presented as Sylvie Voltaire, okay?”

“Just like that,” said Rachel. ”Sylvia’s the lead artist in The Bitches! That’s so cool.”

They sat around the control room and passed several joints around. Richard had taken them out of a compartment on the underside of the control panel. Before long all of them were feeling happy and acting silly. Everyone decided to spend the night at Richard’s house. There were plenty of bedrooms.

Rachel spent the night with Bernie, teaching him some delightful tricks that were new to him. The black backup girls enjoyed their own threesome and Sylvia spent the night making love with Richard. All was well with the world.

Starbound 19

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Morning found the trio of lovers well rested. They had slept until ten thirty. When they got up, Rachel Horowitz showered first and set about preparing breakfast. Richard Silver showered and went to the studio to prepare for the day’s work. When at last Sylvia Volkov rolled out of bed and showered, she felt famished. The air was fragrant with the scent of Rachel’s culinary preparations.

Richard returned to the house to announce the studio was ready to work on Sylvia’s vocal potential. They enjoyed the breakfast of stir fried pork strips with bean sprouts and yellow beans cooked in a spot of olive oil. They took a smoke break after breakfast and shared a bong of marijuana before they walked over to the studio building.

After several hours of work, Sylvia’s voice was beginning to have a unique sound that the trio believed had commercial potential. They had decided to not reveal these efforts and their progress to The Bitches, their management and especially Sateen. They had observed considerable jealousy within the group and Sylvia didn’t want to attract their ire. She did the best work she could with her dance moves and innovative choreography as part of the background team.

The group toured North America for three months before heading over to Europe where the tour was to last one month. The performances were well received in England, France, Germany and Italy. The group felt happy and appreciated when they returned to Canada. Each individual took the month off, some returned to Europe, several went to tropic islands and Sylvia, Rachel and Richard stayed at Richard’s country home and worked to perfect Sylvia’s enhanced vocals.

As the break time wore away, Sateen called a meeting of the whole team. She had an announcement to make and wanted everyone in the group to know before it hit the media people. Sateen was leaving the group before the next tour. She had met some people with some good ideas, and she was going to be a soloist on her next album. To replace her on The Bitches was expected to be a horrendous chore.

The following day, the team – without Sateen – gathered to plan ahead. As soon as they had gathered in the manager’s office, Rachel stood up and commanded the attention of the excitedly babbling people in the room.

“I propose that we have auditions from our own group to choose one to put out front,” said Rachel.”

“Auditions!” the girls cried. “I don’t want to audition for a group I’m already in.”

“I don’t want to lead,” said Auria Moore.
“No problem,” said Bernie, their manager and agent. “If you don’t want to, we’ll just audition new people.”

“Not so fast,” Rachel said. “We have a surprise for you that we’re confident you will like. We should meet Thursday evening at seven at Richard’s country place. We’ll have a barbecue supper and then spend some time in his studio to see what we have to work with.”

Starbound 16

November 28, 2014 Leave a comment

They went on the road together: Richard Silver as the audio and lighting engineer for The Bitches rock group led by Sateen. Sylvia Volkov was there as a featured dancer with the group and Rachel Horowitz as wardrobe designer and Sylvia’s manager. It was during a hiatus in the tour that Richard proposed a training program for Sylvia.

“My wife has moved out of our house with the kids,” Richard said to Sylvia and Rachel. “I think we should use the time off to advance our careers.”

“Like how?” Rachel said.

“I think we should see what Sylvia can do with a vocal,” he said.

“You mean sing?” Sylvia said. “I can’t sing.”

“Have you tried?” said Rachel.

“Not really. Only in the shower,” said Sylvia.

“Well then,” Richard said, “why don’t we all move into my house? The studio is right there so we can work on it.”

Richard’s house was spacious and comfortable. The ground floor had a living room that was quite cosy, a dining room that was seldom used and a convenient kitchen with a table and four chairs beside the cooking area.

A back door off the kitchen led to a patio and in-ground swimming pool. On the patio were two settings of garden furniture with wrought iron umbrella tables and chairs. A gazebo beside the patio held a Jacuzzi hot tub. The most important aspect of the property was the old log barn wherein lay the best equipped and acoustically superior sound studio in the business.

Upstairs the three characters each chose a bedroom. There was a small sewing room and a full bathroom as well. The master bedroom had an on suite full bathroom, so it was decided that Richard should keep his master bedroom and bathroom while the two girls would share the bathroom that was between their bedrooms.

The rest of the day was spent moving in, finding where they each wanted to keep things in their individual rooms. Rachel of course earned the sewing room and made it into her design studio as well as manufacturing center.

Sundown found them too tired to work anymore, and they even declined to use the pool or the spa under the stars. Sylvia and Rachel went to their rooms to undress and they again showered together. They enjoyed the mutual grooming; lathering each other’s bodies, sliding their hands over each other’s smooth contours and fondling their breasts. In the end, however, they admitted their fatigue to each other and retired to their beds and fell quickly to sleep.

Richard felt restless and wandered around the ground floor of the house just pacing. He went down to the basement where the game room was, and the large screen television as well as a pool table. Leaning on a wall was a table tennis setup that could be put over the billiard table if that was a preferred pastime.

Finally, Richard went out into the warm night and looked up at the stars. He contemplated the potential future he hoped to build. He was sorry to have lost his wife and children, and it wasn’t because of his attraction to Sylvia. The marriage had gone cold long before Sylvia came on the scene.

Hoping to shed the stress he felt, he decided to enter the pool. He left his clothes in a pile on a chair and walked naked to the edge of the pool. Rachel heard something and looked out her bedroom window. She saw Richard’s buff body in the glow from the pool lights, a pattern of reflections playing across his torso.

Richard plunged into the pool and began swimming lengths vigorously. On his third lap he bumped into Rachel who had stripped down and quietly joined him in the pool. Richard was aroused by the smooth, warm skin he felt on Rachel. He knew she was a transsexual and was conflicted about what to do at that moment.

Starbound 15

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After a brief conversation with The Bitches managers, and Sateen herself, they agreed that Sylvia Volkov would be a worthy asset to the act. They shook hands all around, Sylvia and Rachel hugged Sateen and everyone left the building at the same time.

Richard Silver drove Sylvia and Rachel to a lovely restaurant on the water. They sat on the deck that projected out over the rocks where waves rolled in and out beneath them. It was a very muted celebratory mood around their table. The abrupt change in direction of the two young women’s lives gave them pause to contemplate their immediate future.

At the same time, Richard was coping with deepening feelings for Sylvia. He knew little about the relationship between Rachel and Sylvia and was hoping that they weren’t lovers, or at least that Sylvia was not exclusively a lesbian. They spoke softly to each other in contrast to the robust conversations that were going on at other tables.

The sun was setting on the horizon, painting a sparkling golden path from their table directly to the sinking ball of fire.

“I guess I’ll be on the road a lot,” Sylvia said to no one special.

“That’s right,” Richard said. Sylvia fell silent, contemplating what that might mean.

“You’ll love it, Sweetheart,” Rachel said.

“But I’ll be alone again,” said Sylvia.

“You’re one of five dancers,” said Richard. “You’ll be pals with the rest of the girls in no time.”

“Bullshit!” said Sylvia. “They’ll ostracize me, I know.”

“How do you know?” said Rachel.

“When that guy, Bernie said I would do some featured dancing in front of the other four, I knew that it would mean trouble.”

“They’re all professionals,” Richard said. “They know how these things go and they won’t blame you. Sateen will tell them that you did not ask for that, but the managers told you what they wanted.”

“You’ll see, ”Sylvia said. “They will try to make my life miserable. They’ll be eager to see me fuck up and will probably help it happen.”

“Don’t psych yourself down like that,” Rachel said. “We’ll be there to back you up.” Sylvia looked from Rachel to Richard and back.

“You’ll be there?” said Sylvia.

“I’ll be there and Richard will be there,” Rachel said. “Richard always travels with The Bitches’ road show, and I’m coming along as your manager and costume designer for the group.

“Fantastic!” said Sylvia. “I didn’t know that. Why didn’t you assholes tell me?”

“I thought you knew,” said Richard.

“So did I,” Rachel said.

They finished their drinks and drove to Rachel’s loft. They began to feel more like themselves and relaxed around the coffee table passing a joint back and forth. And then another joint while Rachel put on some very sensual music by Barry White. After a third joint Rachel stood up and took Richard by the hand and Sylvia with the other hand and led them to the bedside.

Richard began to disrobe Sylvia while Rachel undressed Richard. At the same time, Sylvia stripped Rachel and the three of them left their clothes in a pile on the hardwood floor and tumbled onto the bed.

“I love having male and female lovers in my bed at the same time,” Rachel said.

The ‘menage a trois’ lasted until morning. The threesome enjoyed realizing every fantasy any of them ever had, and they had happy conversation during a delicious breakfast prepared by Richard.

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Starbound 14

November 22, 2014 4 comments

The black girl was very tall, and danced well to The Bitches’ music. When she had done her ten minutes, the suit guys directed her to the secretary then to leave. The next girl was also black, a lighter cinnamon colour really. She was petite, like Sylvia, and danced very well, but Rachel’s observation was that she didn’t seem to really feel the music. She was directed to the secretary and out like the first girl.

Two more girls did their dance and were released. One of them had a shaved head. Rachel and Sylvia were alone in the auditorium seats. One of the suits called out to Richard Silver.

“Hey, Dick, is that girl here that you pushed me to see?” he said.

“Yes, Mister Bernard,” Richard said.

“Is she better than these slugs we’ve been seeing?”

“Yes!” Richard said, loudly, through the sound system to startle the mouthy guy.

“Alright, let’s see what she’s got.”

Sylvia, Richard and Rachel had already roughed out the routine Sylvia should do and they had the music score she preferred ready to go.

The music started, and Sylvia first did her cross the stage end to end strut. She loved to do that at the beginning of every performance. Although she was petite, her legs were very long, proportionately and her breasts were real, firm and nicely shaped. She had dressed in a red wrap-around dress that can be worn in several ways. It was suitable for street use, so that’s what she’d worn here. It’s not a strip audition, but Sylvia had a secret plan.

She let the music carry her. She put the audition, the onlookers, Rachel and Richard out of her mind. With a kind of self-hypnosis that she’d developed during the agonizing years in her home town, she simply soared with the sounds. She had shut out the humiliating aspects of her sad life by taking her mind somewhere else. The constant presence of ear buds as she went through her days facilitated her escape from reality.

Now, here, she is not in an audition for a super-group. She is not being observed by skeptical producers. She is alone on a cloud. For the mere mortals who are the observers, they are spellbound by the stunning improvisations Sylvia does with her flowing body. The spins, the swirls, the striding moves with her head up, her arms out as she twirled and glided to the voluminous music.

As the ten minute dance wound down, Sylvia performed a few swift alterations on her versatile dress, and was dancing topless in a red skirt. The suits, the secretary and Sateen were stunned and excited. Richard had been told that she planned to do that, although he had argued strongly against it. Still, when she’s up there on the stage, she’s in control.

There was only one more thing Richard could do since he’d been unable to stop her. He turned on the red spotlight, and it gave Sylvia’s body a luminescence. She strode across the stage as she had done at the opening, turned at the far end and let loose the rest of her dress. She simply ambled back across the stage totally naked, dragging the dress along with her.

Richard killed the lights for a moment and when he brought them up again, Sylvia was again wrapped in her dress. Rachel had never really intended to audition but to accompany Sylvia. The suits asked Sylvia to stay while they had an internal discussion. Rachel immediately assumed the role of manager for Sylvia.

“When you’re a star,” Rachel said, “we’ll call you ‘The Alabaster Queen’.”