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I have given much thought…

May 16, 2017 Leave a comment

I met a girl at a dance, many years ago. We were in our teens, out of town at a beach resort during summer holidays. We danced, and back in the city, we dated. Some of my buddies met her with me, and some of them also dated her. Neither I nor any of my buddies continued a relationship with her. Over the decades since, I think of her from time to time, and wonder why we all moved on from this truly gorgeous young woman.

When I say gorgeous, I mean more beautiful than Julia Roberts or Liz Taylor in her prime. She was more beautiful than any of today’s splendid beauties. Her body perfectly proportioned, her hair magnificent, and the assembled features of her face could not be made more perfect. She had a nice speaking voice and good diction. Her parents were successful and wealthy. She dressed perfectly. They lived in a magnificent stone home, shaded by giant oak trees. So why did all us guys move on? I couldn’t understand it, even within myself.

Sixty years later, she seeks and finds me on facebook. Over the weeks that followed, we talked through facebook every few days. During that time, she gradually told me about her life. She has a daughter, a son, and a granddaughter. She was generally uninterested in my background, which frankly is quite unique.

As the tales spun out, it was easy to tell they were true, although somehow atypical. I never asked at what age she married, but she was disgusted by her ex-husband, who was 10 years older than her. He was wealthy like her father, and was a business associate of her father’s. I found this very odd, for the most beautiful woman I have ever personally known. I had heard that she had become an artist, and I asked her about it.

She was very proud that she had graduated from the Art College, which I also found strange. How tough can it be to graduate at an art college if you have even at modicum of talent? She showed pictures of some of her work. Suffice to say it was worthless crap. No creativity at all, just badly done replicas of others’ works.

Eventually she told me she had a 9-year affair with a man much younger than she was. He was a large black man, with whom she travelled Europe and attended various resorts. He loved her, she said, and she loved him and misses him. She paid the way for everything, of course, because she’s very rich. I suppose the inheritance from her dad and the payment from her ex-husband must come to a tidy sum. The lover left her to marry another woman. Still, she claims they love each other. No intelligence.

She’s still very beautiful, even in her seventies. Her body is bad though, she said because of thyroid cancer. She is never seen without stunning makeup. Tinted glasses hide imperfections around her eyes. She wears baggy, black garments to apparently camouflage her bulk. Always, there is Hermes scarf around her neck. Those $800 silk scarves that Hermes puts out every season. Wealthy wackos like this woman must have the latest one, of course. A couple of times a year, she flies to Los Vegas to visit her daughter and granddaughter.

Suddenly, I had an epiphany. I put together what I think was the truth behind her story. I believe that she was very, very stupid. Just that simply put. Not at all intelligent. That might explain the heroic attitude about having graduated Art College. Maybe it took her 11 years to do it.

I recall that her father was concerned that she was going out with me. I didn’t see why he should be concerned – I’m from the same social enclave, same religion, my family is known and respected in the community. I can actually remember only one date back in the city. There must have been a couple more, and I was wondering why I was uninterested in this very beautiful girl, who very much wanted me. Recalling that date, when I picked her up in my Corvette, I think her father knew that she was intellectually challenged. That’s why he was concerned. She might not have had a date before, I don’t know.

The younger man that she loved and that loved her, until he married someone else, was not a man who loved her. He was a young black guy that had the smarts to enjoy almost a decade with a gorgeous, wealthy young divorcee. He was a gigolo.

I believe her father made a deal with his business associate. He was a man a decade older than his daughter was, and he should marry the gorgeous girl, and look after her. The man was apparently a mean bastard, and made her rich to get out. She’s never had a proper job in her life. Everyone works for a living at some point, but not this girl.

So she lives alone, in a luxurious penthouse, and I expect she has a servant. She has two German cars, and lots of money in place of a brain. It really is a poor little rich girl.

The most exciting organ in a woman’s body is her brain… usually.


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October 14, 2015 1 comment

I’ve decided to live the rest of my life in the belief that there are about six different genders in our society. It’s the only way I feel comfortable in accepting each new acquaintance as they are. That might not come about on the first encounter, because the way and place I meet them might not be their typical style and location. I always remember a man I knew who was an excellent house painter, a cut or two above the rest. And he was almost painfully shy, to the point where he couldn’t bring himself to use a toilet in one of the grand homes he was engaged to decorate. He would rush home to relieve himself and rush back to continue working alongside his older brother.

This painter was tall and lean, and his inferiority complex led him to have a persona that was awkward and tense. This same humble working man would occasionally put on a descent suit, shirt, tie and shoes for a family celebration of some kind. It was like looking at a different person. He was still awkward and tense, but if he wasn’t doing something typical while dressed up, I swear he appeared to be Prince Philip of England. If a person met him at a dress up event, they would take him for a successful society chap, jet-setter and all that. He was so awkward and tense, he feared driving his little sedan-delivery a few blocks to a store in a light rain. But I digress…

To enumerate the varied genders, I begin with heterosexual males and heterosexual females. Then there are lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender. There are others as well, but they are usually variations on the basic six genders.

I recall my own young loves, as simple as seeing a girl across the gym floor at a high school dance. There was a nervous excitement about crossing the room and asking her to dance. If I was a gay young man or a lesbian young woman, I suppose I would look across at a same-sex student and wish to dance with him/her. The discomfort with which these people live must be a terrible burden.

I now sincerely believe that each of the genders is, in its way, natural. DNA, nerves, molecules and chemicals form within us from the first assault on the egg by the sperm. Therefore, it makes sense to me that each of these individuals is absolutely normal, if not average. There does seem to be some extra talent or taste or creativity in the non-heterosexual community, and I envy that.

I am what I am, you are what you are and they are what they are. In every case, none of it is anyone’s business other than the individual. It’s not my business what anyone does to make love, and it’s not their business to know my ways.

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