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Items of Outrage

With the airwaves packed full of “We Americans and our slogan, in god we trust,” my mind wanders to the irritating aspects of North America. I’m in Canada, and one of my outrages is that the USA calls itself “America.” This is North America, and Canada occupies more of the continent than does the USA. Rather than “Americans,” they should be known as Usas.

Further on the USA’s reckless assumption of ownership of the lower part of North America, we who emigrated from Europe are actually the murderers that wrought “ethnic cleansing” on the native peoples. This is true about both the USA and we Canadians in those early days.

I have read books that were written by two heroes of the USA. I was surprised to learn that they could write; one was Daniel Boone and the other was Davy Crocket. I was appalled by something that they both wrote; they independently gathered their buddies and went out for the sport of hunting and killing the aboriginals. Their cold, insensitive attitude was very disappointing for us kids who proudly wore replica Coonskin Hats like Crocket was said to wear.

We can never, ever make up for the slaughter of the real native peoples. What is worse, we’re still torturing many of them. Have you seen pictures of their northern “reservations?” It’s an outrage.

And now to the outrage of garments. I am interested in the political madness currently occupying the USA, so I watch a good deal of CNN. The men, be they hosts, guests, or politicians, all dress the same. Sometimes exactly the same. Dark suits, light shirts and conservative ties on EVERY man.

I imagine that CNN has a vast selection of simple, slimming dresses, free of ornamentation. EVERY female, be they hostess, guest, or politician, will be wearing a different colour. Sometimes necklines are low, sometimes they a high, but they are always warm, happy colours. At the same time, the men look as alike as fence posts.

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