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Survival of the Sickest

Most of us have watched nature programs, where predator and prey each struggle to live on. We’ve seen the lions stalking herds of wildebeest. They are looking for the weak one. Perhaps one has an injured leg, and limps to keep up with the herd. Perhaps a young wildebeest, just a few months old, would be the chosen victim. In any case, the victim is likely to be the weakest animal available.

This is nature’s wonderful sense of balance. Wildebeest and other herbivores proliferate at a rate that fulfills the needs of their carnivorous predators. The predators can proliferate and feed their families because the herbivores are available. Sometimes, there are weak sick animals that predators can more easily capture. This also assures that only the stronger, healthier animals will survive and breed stronger generations.

In most cases, the herd seems to be uninterested in the fate of the captured one. They use the opportunity to move easily away as a pride of lions skirmishes over the meal. Occasionally, a devoted female will try to protect its captured young. In most cases, the mother gives it up and moves off with the herd. They are able to just let it go as part of their life. On the other hand, there is the human species…

The human animal does not turn its back on its weakest. We support the needy and help the disabled. We do this as a society, through our government agencies and through religious and charitable missions.

I have to wonder if we didn’t care for the weaker among us and just carried on without them, would we have a stronger, healthier society? We do ignore some. We can’t easily help the people who insist that they live on the streets, even when offered comfort. They are the mentally and emotionally weaker people. We even help them to survive. The wildebeest would just move on and forget them. Are we weakening our bloodline?

We might feel disdain for the sickest among us, but we also have the power of thought. We can think that if not for the vagaries of life, there go I. Therefore, we help where help is needed.

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