Applause for Atheists

The end of the human burden of religion is upon us. The strength of scientific evidence and the frailties of religious practitioners are taking effect. We won’t live to see it, but I believe there will be a time when all peoples adopt the logical position; God is a myth.

There are two choices; choose faith or choose logic. It’s a difficult question for people that believe in divine design. Their faith tells them to have faith in the myth and continue to support the institution of prayer. There is another way to look at it.

Let’s take a moment to consider a Christian television evangelist. He or she literally says, “Send us money and we’ll prayer for you.” The Catholic Church does the same thing, in a much more elegant way. As the pitchmen say, “it’s the flash”. The Catholic headquarters is the Vatican. It’s a private estate, and tax free. The head guy, the Pope preaches the simple life, humble, generous, and faithful. Oh yes, the faith.

While preaching humility, the church is resplendent with gold, jewels, fabulous artworks and objects of great commercial value. They are but decorations in the Pope’s palace. The costumes are another part of the hustle. Tall hats decorated with valuable metals top off sweeping gowns edged in gold, glittering in light from a hundred candelabra and a thousand candles.

It’s just the church’s way of doing the evangelist’s hustle. They possess magic smoke and magic water. They possess wafers made from God’s son. They possess wine made from Jesus’ blood. It’s a powerful hustle and works on the same people that send money to evangelists for a vial of water.

I am encouraged that the myth grows weaker. Atheist broadcasters gain cheers and applause when making points about the futility of belief in a God, any God. They are all simply a bloodthirsty, greedy hustle. If you’re a believer, get over it.

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