Life is Time


The instant you take your first breath out of the womb, the clock of your life starts ticking. Minute by minute you are living toward your inevitable death. Within each minute, something is happening somewhere. Life is not a stationary thing. It is a river of instants, flowing through your life. Life can change in one of those instants.

The early part of our life is spent learning. We learn a great deal at first, because in infancy and as toddlers we are empty vessels. Everything is new, and a child can benefit greatly if a mature person is inclined to answer questions and point out subjects of interest. Explain the meaning of new words, counsel on the values of colours, sounds, and nature.

You begin to build an individual life. That life will be time, and the time of your life will be as rich or poor in experience as you wish. It is certainly true that the more one puts into life, the more one gets out of life.

When I was a boy, I was given reasons to expect that I would be a failure. It seemed I lacked intelligence and was uncomfortably shy. I was told that I might struggle to earn a living. This threat led me to put triple effort into every endeavor. I felt that I was in a way disabled and worked three jobs so I could support a family.

As it worked out, the people that counselled me were wrong, and when I was a grown man with family responsibilities, I learned that I excelled at several creative skills. I do not regret the pressure I felt and the efforts I made to provide for my family when I was young. The experiences enable me to enjoy a broad variety of insights into the human condition, and that makes it comparatively easy for me to get by.

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