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I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ God!

Some missions to help the poor and disadvantaged do necessary, generous work. In Toronto, The Scott Mission was a landmark. In Montreal, The Old Brewery Mission does all it can for the lost spirits on the streets. I speak out of turn because I’ve never been in either of those establishments. I go by news stories and movies with scenes that depict the true activities.

Most often, a strong religious overtone hangs like a threat over the humble, hungry citizens. Usually Christian I expect, with similar establishments by Muslims, Jews, and the rest of the divisions of godliness.

I do as much good as I can. I live the most honest life I am able to, don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal. I don’t mean I’ve never done anything bad or illegal in my life, I just mean that on a day to day basis, I do my level best to be right and good. I don’t believe in God, nor have I ever. I was raised within a religion, I accepted schooling in the meanings of the rituals, but I never believed that an all-powerful God was taking notes.

I have experienced vile behavior by devout, orthodox, religious people. I have experienced superb, dignified behavior by completely atheistic people. They don’t need a God to drive them away from wrong and into what is right. I need no God, because if I was to have one, it would not be a God, just a god. It would be nature throughout the universe, through eternity and infinity, wherein seeming miracles happen every day.

Feed the hungry. Heal the sick. Shelter the homeless. You don’t really need a God influence in it. It is good, generous and right to give, god or no god. Many church going people are evil and dishonest in other parts of their lives. Many atheists are totally honest, with the community and with themselves. No God required, thank you.

  1. garymagwood
    January 9, 2018 at 10:38 pm

    Barry, here’s can email I sent to several relatives after receiving a somewhat anti-Muslim “round robin” sent by one of them. I am sending it along to you after reading your “Don’t need no…” All the best for 2018 and congrats on getting to 80!


    Hi all,

    I hope 2018 got off to a good start for you all. Other than winter weather woes here in Easten Ontario, life is treating me well. We have endured -20°C temperatures for a couple of weeks now that reached -28°C two nights ago! Now a serious snow storm, along with sudden above 0°C temperatures, has moved in to provide me time to respond to Eve’s recent email to you all.

    Any discussion about this topic is rife with hazards! I just spent 2 weeks in the UK that included four days in London. My biggest complaints were the intensity of traffic, expensive beer and, for me, an overwhelming crush of humanity. Keep in mind I live in a tiny community on a dead end road, 20 minutes away from the City of Belleville with a population of 50,000. The rest of the time was spent in Dorset with Eve, visiting friends in West Yorkshire and a couple of days in the Bonham enclave in Brighton. I spent time in lovely Brit pubs, drove many miles on scenic, skinny country roads and, even in crowded London, I still enjoyed a “Brit ambience.”

    For those who pay attention to history, we have to remember that the little British Isles oversaw the largest empire in history: there was barely a corner of the globe (if a globe can have corners!) that was’t painted pink. The Brits brought ideas and concepts that were mostly ideologically incomprehensible to the indigenous populations. After a couple of hundred years, many of these ideas and concepts were adopted by the host countries. Whether they were beneficial or detrimental to the the well being of the host populations is a debate that is unlikely to be resolved. But, it did create some of the circumstances that are causing concern today. The British (Western) lifestyle was perceived as superior to that of the native populations. As with any well developed public relations initiatives, these ideas was successfully marketed. One of the results has been the the massive movement of populations seeking the “benefits as advertised.”

    I am so leery of the swing to the right in many parts of the world, particularly only a few miles south of where I live. I get very uncomfortable viewing fellow citizens with suspicion. We have fought countless wars over the millennia. A few were to “retrieve” civilization but most were fought over whose god is better/best/superior/smarter/more compassionate… or whatever has provided the impetus to kill those who “don’t believe.” We homo sapiens live on a finite planet. Somehow we need to realize that co-existence is only one way to survive as a species. The other, the planet’s collective environmental degradation, is a far more serious threat to our long term well being.

    So, that’s my follow up to Eve’s response.

    I send love and best wishes to you all and look forward to seeing some of you in 2018.

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