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The Decline and Fall of the USA

( Written in Nov. 2014)

I’m sorry to be watching the decline and fall of The United States of America. I live in America too… the Canadian part. When we were teenagers, back in the 1950s, everything we wanted was over the border in ‘The States’. Levis jeans were only available in the states, so here we are, an hour of easy driving and we’re in the states.  McDonald’s was only in the states, and Hershey’s chocolate, and marshmallow fluff and all kinds of big American cars. Even though life was full and good and peaceful in our big Canadian city, the USA called.

The USA had unbeatable GIs, aircraft carriers, sabre jets, Hollywood, Broadway, Miami, Chicago and Detroit. In those days, Montreal was bigger than Toronto and the Canadian dollar was worth more than the American dollar.  Crossing between the two countries was almost barely an interruption. There was no toll to cross, but a toll-type thing was there to stop you and ask a few unimportant questions to which you could answer any way you wanted. ‘Where are you going, how long are you staying, have a nice trip’. That was about it.

Now I realize that it’s Canada that is the best country, the best people, the best way of life. It is frightening how common guns are in the USA. A boy takes his Grandma’s gun to kill some other kid. What the hell is Grandma doing with a gun? They have them in their glove box, under the seat, in their pocket… as if they didn’t care that they are deadly dangerous, actually designed and built to kill and maim.

I could go on about why the USA has turned into crap, but it should be obvious. They elect and admire the shittiest people.  The Kennedy family was exalted in the states, as if old Joe wasn’t a lying, thieving asshole in bed with the mob.  He even was too low for the mob because he crossed them through his sons, and the mob showed who’s really boss. They just eliminated Jack and Bobby and peripheral people like Lee Oswald and Jack Ruby. That’s the American mob way, and it’s right up to the white house if they want to play it that way.

Anyway, thanks to people like George W. Bush and Dickhead Cheney, the plug has been pulled on the American dream. The American nightmare is coming on, and I only hope when the southern part of North America falls, it doesn’t take the northern part with it. We haven’t ruined our part, and we won’t.  And leave our water alone when you fall! We don’t need your money like the oil countries needed it when you moved in there.  We’re doing fine, thank you, so stay on your side of the border and keep your guns over there too.

  1. Zarah Parker
    December 12, 2017 at 2:12 am

    I respectfully disagree. I am American after all. It’s interesting to hear another perspective.

    Because for me I hate a lot of what our society has become, yet I would say for different reasons than you, yet I love being American and what we once stood for. The American dream is still very much alive, but you’ve got to be here to see it. It’s with the little people, like, my brother who hand makes custom cowboy boots for a living.

    If we fall, we fall, but I’ll still love America, not because of where we are, but because of what we have been.

    You have Canadian pride, and so if Canada fell would you still not love what it once was?

    I’m from the south, so you can imagine I disagree with most of Canadas politics, especially newer ones. You’re right, we do love our guns, but it’s because we believe in the 2nd amendment and have seen that statistically it is safer to have one, which the media won’t say.

    So I’m proud to be an American because whether I agree to politics or not it doesn’t change the history nor the amazing things still happening here.

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