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The Scourge Of Society

I recently received a birthday gift from my wife; a beautiful Cyberpower gaming PC. It arrived in a large, beautifully printed box. Inside the box were two enormous chunks of Styrofoam padding, and three more beautifully printed boxes containing keyboard, mouse, and other fittings.

What will become of those boxes? I might reuse them for convenience once in a while. In the end, they will be recycled somewhere by somebody. Packaging is going to ruin us. Do you like those shiny, clear plastic bubbles that enclose the item you want? Do you enjoy the incredibly difficult job of getting them open? Do you care that the damn things might still be around on this planet, long after you have turned to ash?

I share the packaging blame with marketing. Places like Ikea, where the store is laid out so we can easily enter, but getting out requires a long journey throughout the store. Displays are presented in exhibits so attractive, we can barely resist purchasing things. It’s all marketing.

The grocery stores and supermarkets display their goods so attractively, we inevitably buy things not on our list. The two forces fighting for profits, packaging and marketing are filling our lives with superfluous expense and litter.

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