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Not Of God’s Doing

Two species of sea birds live, breed, and hunt for the same type of fish in the same global location. Each has independently developed its own survival system. Remarkably, they differ from each other rather dramatically.


The penguin, well insulated with layers of fat, dives straight into the water like a dart and shoots through the water to snap up her lunch before it knows she’s coming.

The cormorant dives deep, and assumes a dormant position with its long neck coiled. A victim swims past a short distance from the bird’s hiding place and the long, coiled neck shoots out with lightning speed to snatch its snack.

ASIDE: When I was a young boy I saw a drawing that has never faded from my memory. Chinese fishermen at night stood in dories holding torches in one hand, and leashes that held cormorants in the other hand. The collars around the cormorant’s long necks were tight enough to prevent the birds from swallowing the fish. The birds were sent down to capture the fish that were attracted to the torch light and bring them up to the fisherman. I imagine the cormorants must be very cherished and well cared for.

I’m taking this example of ‘not by god’ from something Ricky Gervais said. God created the flowers. Then he created the bees. I’m sure he did not have the foresight to make bees and flowers need each other. He did not create bees with an addiction to pollen. Clearly, the two different species developed the symbiotic relationship through uncounted eons of evolution.

Some people call it god, and place it in an ultimate position of importance. It is nature that performs all the miracles. It is nature that is of the ultimate importance. Science has developed so we can discover much that has evolved throughout eternity. Science explores and exploits the billions of secrets that evolution has wrought throughout the planet Earth and all that exists within infinity.

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