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If I Was A Religious Person

I might have been tempted to believe that the wrath of God is upon us. The proliferation of hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, earthquakes, forest fires, landslides, avalanches, floods and tsunamis seems like punishment for our massive sins against nature and our planet’s people.

I am, however, an atheist, so I must find another way to explain the mess. It is nature attacking us. Nature does not seek vengeance or harbor a grudge. Nature responds to its conditions and works to survive, just as we people do when we’re up against a dangerous situation.

These days, it’s obvious that the climate is in the throes of change. Of course, the climate has always changed over the millennia, but human activities have made it change too quickly. We’ve crammed centuries into decades. The planet is unable to absorb and adapt so quickly to the atmospheric changes. Perhaps we, as a species have been so consumed with gaining and maintaining superiority that we gobbled up everything we could turn into ‘goods’.

Recent reports in the USA claim an increase in jobs. The reason is that the Trump administration removed controls that moderate our natural resources so he and his oligarch gang can enrich themselves at the cost of the planet. With no control over polluting water and air, industry can hurry on, free of expensive restrictions.

While they make more money from making more stink to make more widgets, Trump voters march happily to work, overlooking the destruction being foisted upon their grandchildren and beyond. In the end, nothing matters because eternity is not ours. We are limited in time but eternity and infinity will go on without us. It is not God’s work.

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