One Life, No Plan, No Destination

I used to wonder which life path might be better.  There are people who know very early in life what they want to do with their time on Earth.  Other people don’t even think about it.  Rather, they just make the best of whatever hand is dealt them at any given period as they stumble or flow through life, depending upon any current situation.  In the end I realized that the difference in people is what governs which of the different life paths they follow.

As one of the total stumblers, I’ve had the periods of flow as well as stumble, as many of us do when we have no plan.  I never really thought about it until, one evening at a small dinner party.  It was in a friend’s home and she had a boyfriend there.  Mind you, I’m talking about mature people, middle aged.  I’d not met the boyfriend before.  He was a lawyer, and the red BMW convertible parked outside was his.  I should note that I’m a grade ten dropout.

We were chatting, subject after subject.  Perhaps I was talking too much about the varied activities in which I have indulged myself while growing into life as a commercial writer/artist.  Suddenly, the lawyer guy scowled at me and said, ‘You’ve done an awful lot, haven’t you!”  I was taken aback for a moment, and then I said, “Yes, I guess I have.” Truthfully, before that moment I had not seen my life activities as being in any way different from any lawyer or doctor or scientist.  I really never thought about how much of their lives were spent studying.

People who know me claim I was studying too.  I was observing life from different vantage points, in different people and places.  More importantly, I was not observing from a distance.  I was a part of the scenes that I observed.  I can look back and remember some very intense times, some raucous times, some dangerous, some humorous and some inexplicable.

I have had many occasions since that first realization when I have noted the narrower outlook of the people with the formalized education and organized life path.  Obviously  if one is sufficiently dedicated to do what is required to become a surgeon, one is bound to become a surgeon.  That means it’s not likely they would be sneaking a ride on a box-car bound for a distant city.  Nor would they be driving an overloaded truck of scrap iron to a distant foundry.  Perhaps they never drove a taxi or directed a film.

All individuals educate themselves in the manner that works for them.  It can’t be said which is right and which is wrong, which is better and which not as good.  Each case is individual as is the person living the life.  In my own case, I always felt an urgency to do things of which my father could approve.  It seems that every time I accomplished something, I became bored with it and stumbled on to some new challenge.  It’s made my life rich with different kinds of experiences.  That certainly helps me to write and draw.

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