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Wealth, Location & other disadvantages

Creative people who come from wealthy families have less to struggle for than do impoverished creative people. A person from a simple, working-class family has dreams to pursue: a new car, a new smartphone, a home on a hill – things that draw the person ever forward, like a carrot on a stick.

A person who grows up in a small village is not exposed to a wide variety of environments. The experience the city person has is much more varied. . Underground trains to all parts of the greater city are mere steps away. Underground gardens and waterfalls, surrounded by stores offering styles and labels from the designers of the world, are not experienced by the remote village person

Theatre options, concerts and movies are available in great numbers. Art gallery openings and museum exhibits are frequent. People from virtually every nation travel the streets of the city. Every profession and every job position is available to those who pursue them.

Wealth in a creative person can be a distraction. One does not dream of a nice car that one already owns. One has a fine home, respect, and most importantly; alternatives. One who has alternatives has the finest life.

When one has a fine, high quality life, one has little inspiration to pursue risky options. One who has suffered deprivation because of location or poverty, has a lot of reasons to push hard against the vagaries of life.

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