All Our Gods

Many years ago there was a popular documentary film called, “Mondo Cane” (Konay). It depicted outrageous acts and traditions among various societies, either modern or primitive. There was one sequence in which a small airplane flew over the village of a primitive tribe. It was the only plane they’d ever seen, so it caused much consternation among the simple people.

The sight and sound of the aircraft led the tribal leaders to conclude that it must be a god. The tribe gathered lengths of bamboo with which to build a tower, perhaps 20 meters tall. At the top of the tower was constructed a crude, bamboo version of the small, single engine aircraft.

The new god had the appearance of a basic Piper Cub airplane, with a tail and rudder, and wing-like protrusions out from its sides. The tribe worshipped their new god. They developed holy dances and holy rituals. Annual festivals were held in adoration of the answer to all problems – a bamboo replica of a small aircraft.

The god of that simple, primitive tribe is every bit as valid as any other god. No god is any better or any worse than the bamboo tower god, because there actually is no god at all, nor is one necessary.

  1. garymagwood
    October 10, 2017 at 1:28 am

    Your final sentence is most prescient… “nor is one necessary.”

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