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The Szentendre Train – part 11 of 30

“In what part of Szentendre do you live?” I said.

“It’s quite an obscure place,” he said.  “Off the beaten track, so I am not bothered at all.”

“Are you a hermit?” I laughed.  He laughed too, and threw his head back, his face radiant with youth and humour.  I could love him, I thought.

“I think I am a hermit of a sort,” he said.  “I believe hermits prefer to be totally alone, with no other person ever in their lives.”

“And you have a girlfriend,” I said, “so you are not a pure hermit.”

“No, not a pure hermit.”  He said.  He grew thoughtful as we approached my home.

“This is my home,” I said.  He stood looking up at it while I dug my gate key out of my bag.

“It’s very large,” he said.  “I didn’t expect to see so large a place, with such magnificent gardens… although I can only see them in the glow of your garden lights.”

“I time them to come on when it grows dark, so I can find my way to the house,” I explained unnecessarily.  I opened the gate and led him inside before I locked the gate again behind us.  I was feeling a breathlessness come over me.  I began anticipating sex. Neither of us spoke until we reached the door to the house.

“About the girlfriend,” he said softly while I unlocked and opened the heavy door.

“It doesn’t matter,” I said, wishing I could retract my girlfriend reference.  I was embarrassed that I had been so foolish.

“It’s not like a deeply loving relationship,” he said.  “She used to pose for me, and we both needed financial help to manage the downtown rent.  It’s more like a business arrangement.”

“But you are lovers, no?” I said, and again regretted my outburst.

“We are occasional lovers,” he said, “but we do not have any exclusive expectations or requirements of each other.  The truth is, she has an ongoing affair with a married man.”  I suddenly felt defensive.  I was just a way for him to even things out with his roommate.

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