The Fast Lane Sucks

I know a lot about the fast lane. I also know a lot about the slow lane. Striving to live life in the fast lane is like drawing a map to oblivion. Promotions at the job, drinks with the boss, arriving early and leaving late, all are in the race for wealth and position. I can imagine many of my readers questioning; ‘What’s the matter with that?’

The problem with joining the hoard of people like you is; you’re going to have to be a bit smarter, a bit cruel, and a bit vicious against other people like you. To be number one, you’d betray a friend, lie to a colleague, a steal a deal from a partner. If you are the kind of person that would never do that, you should stay out of the fast lane and live life properly, instead. The denizens of the fast lane will strip you naked and pee on your bones.

Imagine yourself breezing along the road in your polished Lexus. You’re sitting on fine leather, breathing clean, cool air, listening to a superb sound system. Something like you might do in the music room of your mansion. You are learning nothing about the real world. If you’re rolling along a dirt road, your interior is still ideal. You get nothing from the world outside.

Walking on that same road, you will see flowering dogwood, frogs, toads, snakes, spiders and hawks. Constant change, daily innovations are happening somewhere along that road. All sensations are lost when living the life of luxury in the fast lane.

I used to race around in powerboats. It was exciting fun. Then I got into sailing. Slow as the wind, and quiet. No roaring engine, so the fresh air is filled with the calls of gulls. The gentle splash on the shuddering hull, feeling the keel cut through the rolling waves.

Canoeing is the slowest and most fulfilling of all water travel. Sliding through the reeds, you’re up close to the Giant Blue Heron when she spears a trout with her sharp beak. The Redwing Blackbirds chatter amid the bulrushes, and we can see them. We are not intruders. The canoe is a part of the natural scene. It functions together with the surrounding environment.

When acquisition of wealth is the primary goal, worthy priorities can be cast aside. The fast lane looks better from the outside than it does from the inside. However, if nothing but the fast lane to wealth and power will fulfill you, I wish you good luck. I caution you to be aware that people who are comfortable in the slow lane are not fools. They are enlightened.

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