I Received Two Proposals

When I was a sixty-five-year-old retired man, two very diverse women asked me for marriage. They were unlikely marriage prospects for me. Both were successful business people, and both were very pretty and slender. I was grateful that I would never have to choose between the two desirable, mature women.

The more physically attractive woman was tall for a female, about 5 feet 7 inches. She kept herself lean and trim by frequent workouts at her health club. Her face and hair are strikingly similar to that of Demi Moore. Her work is managing her late father’s business. They manufacture and distribute unique fridge magnets, jacket patches, and various other small items in large quantities. She’s a Jewish suburban Mom with two teenage children, the girl a bit older than the boy.

The other marriage proposal came from a single Mom with two teenage children. The boy is older than the girl is, in this case. The woman is shorter and a touch heavier than the other woman, and attractive in the Irish way. She was your typical Irish lass, with red hair and green eyes. She created a company that does follow-up calls for car dealers. After a vehicle has been in for service and returned, her people make courtesy calls to the customer, checking that the service was properly done and the customer was satisfied.

I was sixty-five, as I’ve said. The Jewish suburban woman was forty-five. The Irish woman was forty. They were 20 and 25 years younger than I was. I was not wealthy. I was sufficiently good looking that some women found me attractive. Each woman approached me on line, I did not approach them first.

Of course I asked each why they responded to a man so much older. Both responses were similar: they were seeking a gentle, knowledgeable lover. Apparently, they were not attracting thoughtful men, but were approached by immature boys. One woman said that she had a boyfriend who was more affectionate to his pickup truck than to her.

I’m 80 now, and grateful that I wasn’t tempted into a marriage with those splendid young women. They would be 55 and 60 now, and an 80 year old husband would be no fun. I have the most wonderful wife now. She is just nine years younger than I am, and she is the most fabulous woman I’ve ever known. I love her deeply, as she does for me.

  1. April 11, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    Happy for you! 🙂

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