An Outstanding Ass

Meant as a compliment, the woman took offence at it. She was leaving the health club, where she exercises. Walking to her car, she passed a young man that was leaning on his pickup truck, smoking a cigarette.

“You have an outstanding ass,” he said, watching her as she walked away from him. He did nothing more than utter a few harmless words. I wonder, should the woman feel harassed, or flattered. I don’t know, but I do know the woman, personally.

To begin with, the young man was correct; the woman does have an outstanding ass. She is about six feet tall, with long, nicely shaped legs. At the tops of her legs, they swell into a much more nicely shaped butt than most women possess. She’s in her early forties, and the mother of three. She’s the kind of woman that likes to ride her motorcycle when her car is not required.

She grumbled, on facebook, that she was offended by the compliment. She is the kind of woman who, like her mother, likes to post items that celebrate or support women’s successes or problems. Usually, there is an overtone of ‘anti-men’ in most of the pieces.

If I was a woman, and I was complemented on the superior quality of part of my body, I think I’d just smile furtively and say thank you. She could have elevated her self-confidence and given the young man a nice feeling.

I expect most women will be offended by my suggestion. I guess it would be even more offensive if he’d complemented her bust line. Hers is very small for her size. I wonder if he had said, “I like your hair,” would it also be offensive to her? Was it because her ass is outstanding, and she didn’t want it to be noticed?

I just don’t know. Political correctness is ruining a good amount of verbal bantering that can lead to friendships and romances. The young man hoped to give the woman something nice. On the receiving end, it became an insulting harassment. I am never going to express a passing compliment again. If I think your eyes are gorgeous, you’ll never know how I feel about it.

  1. April 5, 2017 at 7:43 pm

    I think that the “compliment” is much more about where it’s coming from. Where the blood is flowing at the time. If you’re thinking with your dick you’re going to say nice ass. If you’re thinking with your brain you’re going to say that her hair is nice or she dresses well.

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