A Strange Imbalance

This endless thing between men and women takes many varied forms. With some exceptions, a man wants a woman. Also with some exceptions, a woman wants to be wanted by a man. This seems like a very workable setup… but it isn’t, and I don’t know why.

I’m old now, so I know a lot of stuff. I didn’t age in a simple, secure way, so my adventures have shown me much about a wide variety of subjects. I have been tormented by the typical male animal need to mate with as many females as possible. It’s an annoying compulsion, which I believe must be forgiven. We are, after all, simply highly developed primates, with the natural instincts of any mammal. Female people also have the ebb and flow of desires, and when the male/female balance is there, it’s like the meaning of life. No form of animal instinct is stronger than the need to mate.

Sometimes, while walking my dog or sitting in my car at a traffic light, I see a person that appears to be unattractive. He might be obese and red-faced. She might be shuffling along in tacky garments, grey faced with depression. I say to myself, “Did that person ever experience the feeling of being desired?” Probably not, I conclude, but then why stay alive?

Whenever I have been desired by a woman and enjoyed the comfortable intimacy, I have thought to myself how splendid it is. How wonderful that this lovely, fragrant person shares herself with me as I do with her. We make love with each other, not to each other. I’m sad for anyone that has not enjoyed the feeling being desired.

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