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No Longer Alone 2 – New Acquaintances

“Come on, girl.  It’s the weekend, and us boss-girls deserve some relaxation too, don’t we?”  Lenore said.  She took Naomi’s hand and led her to a corridor at the back of the dining room.  At the end of the corridor a small, private elevator opened and they stepped in.  After a short, quick, upward surge, the door opened and Lenore led Naomi into the huge, splendid apartment.

“Make yourself comfortable,” Lenore said.  “I’ll be right back.  If you like, there’s a powder room just over there.”  Lenore went quickly and smoothly up a winding staircase.  Naomi went into the powder room.  It was tastefully decorated with large tiles on the walls and floor, and well-lit mirrors.  She checked her hair, her lipstick, her clothing, and realized she was behaving as if she was with a man she’d just met.

Naomi returned to the spacious living room and chose a comfortable, white leather easy chair to sit in.  A few seconds later a uniformed maid entered.  She was a petite girl with very black, smooth skin.

“What will you have, miz?” she asked, smiling with a wonderful array of gleaming white teeth.  Naomi asked for a vodka gimlet and watched the girl walk away.  Her legs were long for her height.  There was something about her that puzzled Naomi, but she didn’t know what it was.  ‘Am I so desperate’ she asked herself ‘that I’m turning into a lesbian?’

Lenore descended the stairs with flowing movements that gave one the sense that she was floating, weightlessly.  Her tall, lean, muscled body was wrapped in a sheer gossamer gown that trailed down the stairs behind her.  Naomi could see her magnificent contours through the almost transparent green garment.  The long legs were the most beautiful she had ever seen, and the woman’s waist was almost too small to support the broad back and chest with it’s small, tight breasts.  Her hips flowed smoothly into firm thighs and she walked toward Naomi with gliding strides like a runway model.  Naomi gulped as she felt a gush of awkward embarrassment.

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