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Much Is Wrong With The Culture Of Wealth

Millions of individuals have set for themselves a goal of vast personal wealth. In far too many cases, the method used to acquire wealth is tertiary. Wealth is the goal. While many people earn fortunes by creating goods and services of value, too many more have no respect for value, and use guise and illusion to earn much.
If the idea of great wealth by any means possible is to be the ultimate goal, we cannot omit robbery, bribery and worse as methods to acquire the fortune. Wealth acquired by a surgeon who developed advanced techniques to enhance the lives of suffering patients is well deserved reward for education and effort. Developers of good computer software deserve their earnings.
There is a preponderance of con men, liars and hustlers among the wealthy. They sell dangerous products with false approval documentation. They hustle worthless stocks to unsuspecting ‘marks’.
I believe that there are as many sociopaths in today’s society as there are well adjusted people. Money should be much less important than it is. Nature, society and decency should be primary. That would allow for lasting, sincere love to develop within couples which would result in children being born and raised in an environment of warmth, generosity, safety and security. Those children would mature into self-assured individuals that would eschew violence, greed and self-importance.
Wouldn’t that be nice?

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