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8. Beryl O’Flies – Confidential Investigator

I admit that I fell asleep in bed, naked, with two naked, desirable women surrounding me. The whole truth is that the ladies aroused me from my lethargy and we became a menage a trois. A good time was had by all. In the morning, the ladies were at ease and comfortable with the knowledge of our all-night antics. Women are much bolder than men, and I was quite embarrassed to be there with my two overnight lovers.

Kimberly Rashad-Monterrain left our suite in her mansion so Beryl and I showered together and made ready for the day’s work. She wanted to prepare for the interview with Kimberly, and I had a first step in mind. I wanted to go to the police auto pound to have a look at the wrecked Alpha Romeo in which deMonterrain had been killed. Beryl had to agree that it was a logical first step. We asked the head servant, Martin, to see if we could the driver to take us to the pound.

Martin went to see Mrs. Rashid-Monterrain. He returned a few minutes later to tell us the Bianca would bring the car around after we had breakfast. Kimberly didn’t join us as we breakfasted on an excellent cheese omelette. As soon as we finished our last cup of cappuccino Martin told us the car was ready when we were. Bianca held the door as we climbed into the back seat of the Volvo 760 that was waiting at the foot of the front stairs. Bianca closed the door and went around to get behind the wheel.

I was interested in watching the passing scene as we drove through Rome’s suburbs on our way to the completely destroyed Alpha Romeo. It had been folded up like and accordion by the truck that hit it.

“Were you the driver when Mr. Monterrain was killed in the car?” Beryl asked Bianca.

“Yes, I was,” Bianca said.

“So it’s lucky you weren’t also killed,” I said. “How did that happen?”

“I was out of the car, on the shoulder of the road to change a flat tire,” she said.

“What tire were you about to change?” said I.

“The right front. I was lucky, because if I had been on the left side of the car, I would have been destroyed for sure,” said Bianca.

I took a photo of all four wheels on the wreck. The left rear tire had been torn right off the car by the impact. I called Beryl over to show her something interesting… the right front tire was not flat. We elected to not mention this irregularity to Bianca until after we had completed an interview with our client. Something was not right in this death.

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