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7. Beryl O’Flies – Confidential Investigator

Dinner was, of course, delicious. We enjoyed squab with asparagus and a wonderful white sauce. The wine was a white dry, and seemed perfect with the squab. Conversation was cordial and casual. Kimberly Rachid-Monterrain did not shy away from speaking of her hard-working days as a model before the great film director and producer fell for her. Alberto de Monterrain was directing a French film about the life of a fashion model. Kimberly was cast in a background part, not much more than a daily. Monterrain saw her in the background and became obsessed with her. He pursued her until she caught him.

I thought it better to wait until morning to ask the hard questions of Kimberly. I begged off after dinner while Beryl O’Flies and Kimberly drifted into a gab fest as if they were teenaged girls. I was not really looking forward to the ‘interview’ with Mrs. Rachid-Monterrain. It was not going to be easy interrogating the gorgeous, wealthy and famous woman. It was made worse because I saw flaws that worried me in her statement.

In our suite I watched television for a few minutes to catch up on the news. There was nothing of interest to me so I switched it off and went to my shower. I then went straight to my bed and was asleep in just seconds. Jet lag had set in, it seemed. I don’t know how long I’d been sleeping when I was semi wakened by Beryl sliding into my bed and spooning against my back. It felt great to have those soft, warm breasts resting against my back.

She slung her arm over me and closed her hand around little Willy. Willy began to grow in her hand. My blood flow built up in the rush to lift Willy and I became aroused, sleepy no more. I rotated so I could feel her body, front to front with me. Suddenly I noticed that her fragrance was different. It wasn’t Beryl’s fragrance… it was Kimberly’s fragrance. I opened my eyes and even in the dark room I could see Kimberly’s famous face in a glow from outside the window.

Kimberly buried her face in my neck and seemed to be trying to melt right into me. Her long, slender body touched the length of me with gentle warmth that captured my emotions. I simply indulged myself in the serene pleasure of having her in my arms and dozed happily while I caressed her alabaster satin skin. I was lost in reverie when I felt Beryl get into the bed at my back. At the same time, Kimberly turned around and pressed her back against my chest and positioned herself so Willy snuggled against her vagina’s lips.

Beryl O’Flies spooned against my back, her substantial breasts giving me a warm, comfortable feeling. Here I was, with the magnificent Kimberly Rachid-Monterrain in my arms with her ass in my pubic hair and the substantial and sexually liberated Beryl O’Flies with her arms around me and my ass in her pubic hair. I wondered briefly if they had planned to do this when I left them chatting. I wondered a lot about what they expected of me. What was I to do in this wonderful situation? The answer came automatically – I fell asleep like a slice of salami between two rolls.

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