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Lured Into A Secretive Squad (continued 25)

I woke up alone, late in the morning. I assumed Naomi had returned to her room after I fell back to sleep. It had been almost an hour of really intense, sincere and gentle lovemaking. I dragged myself to my shower and let the needle-sharp spray awaken my weary cells. I put a towel around my middle and went looking to see if all was well with Naomi Cheslow.

Her bedroom door was open so I knew she wasn’t there. I went downstairs to the kitchen where I found Naomi making eggs Benedict. She was amazingly skillful in the way she spun the raw eggs in the boiling water. The rich butter sauce was world class as was the coffee. I hid my excitement at having breakfast made for me by an accomplished and gorgeous woman like the one I watched working in my kitchen. She put a plate before me and one for herself across the table. I’m not the most experienced guy in the world, but I rank well up there with non-stars. In my experience, when the lover makes an extraordinary breakfast it means you done good.

“I hope you like it,” she said. She sat across from me and ate silently, smiling at me from time to time.

“It’s wonderful,” said I.

“Was I very bad last night?” she said. “I’m sorry but…”

“How could you be sorry for anything? You’re the most wonderful woman I’ve ever personally known and you permitted me to be your lover,” I said. “I wish it could be always like that.” Naomi looked at me long and hard.

“Can’t it be? Is it impossible?” she said. I thought hard about what she might be thinking. Occasional lovers? Exclusive lovers? Live together? Marry?

“Nothing is impossible,” I said. It was a very stale answer and I wished I could take it back.

“But there was nothing for you last night,” she said. “You did everything for me. You gave and gave and gave, but took nothing.”

“That’s not correct, Naomi,” I said. “To begin with, the fact that you trusted me enough to come to me for sanctuary makes me feel proud. As for making love with you… well, it was wonderful. Your body is wonderful, your vagina is sweet and fragrant and your responses to my oral caresses were deeply pleasing.”

“Can you trust me enough to let me give while you receive?” she said.

“I guess so,” I said, not wanting to sound eager. I feared Naomi wanted to ‘repay’ me for the wonderful night we’d had together. I am very, very uncomfortable with that. I am unable to have an orgasm from oral caresses when my lover is doing it for me. Only if it’s her preference, only if her desire to orally caress my penis is as my desire is for her vagina is there any chance I’ll ejaculate. I can tell you that my hang-up in that matter has cost me more than one girlfriend.

To my surprise, Naomi ducked under the table and peeled away my bath towel. She gently lifted my flaccid penis and put her warm lips around its head. Penises being what they are, it rose up as if to meet her mouth. She engulfed me. She uttered soft moans. She was as gentle and experienced in oral lovemaking as I am. She was doing it because she wanted to. She wanted to feel the smooth skin sliding over her lips. She was doing it for herself. It was wonderful. I was confident that she wanted the semen. That confidence helped to overcome my inability to ejaculate into a lover’s mouth. Naomi was a truly great lover. I wondered how long we… we mi… might st-stay together… to… get… her. Uh-h-h-h..

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