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Lured Into A Secretive Squad (continued 24)

While we finished the bottle of Chianti we nibbled on crackers and pate. I make the pate myself to my mother’s recipe. In my culture, it’s plain old chopped liver.

“Do you like to cook?” Naomi Cheslow said. Her speech was not exactly slurred; it was more like she spoke very slowly.

“I like to cook very lots… I cook a lot,” I said.

“Do you think we’ve had enough?” she said.

“More than anything,” I said. I realized I was drunker than Naomi.

“That’s it. I’m going to bed now,” she said. Her walk was usually straight, smooth and steady. I watched her go down the hall to her room, as I always do. She moves with elegant grace, usually. I watched her unsteady gait, one hand on the wall as she staggered to her door.

I decided that I could straighten up the room in the morning. I turned out the lights and staggered like Naomi to my room. I dropped all my clothes where I stood and slid under the blanket. I was immediately asleep.

I did not exactly wake up in the middle of the night. Not right away. I was aware, although asleep, that a cool body spooned against my back. I felt the cool globes that pressed lightly on my back, and I felt the soft cushion of pubic hair on my ass. I became fully awake when Naomi reached her long, firm arm around me and caressed my penis. I lay motionless for a moment, waking up enough to judge if this was real or a hallucination. When I was sure it was real, I rotated within her hug and held her to me, enjoying the massive sensations I get when I hold a woman tight to my body. We kissed; lightly; heavily; lips and eyelids. She kissed my eyelids. It was wonderful.

I hesitated to go deeper into the realm of lovemaking. Naomi is a large woman. Not heavy, but tall and toned and strong. I’m barely average in my physical attributes and I feared I might be unable to make love to her satisfaction. I do have full confidence in my oral caresses, however. It’s my preferred lovemaking technique. It’s always effective, and the insecurity about potential erectile dysfunction is totally eliminated.

I slid slowly down the length of her long, lean body and paused to kiss and lightly suck her nipples before continuing down over her flat, firm abs. Her little exclamations and whimpers were music to my ears and encouraged me to invade my goal. I slid between her long legs and kissed her thighs as I approached the fragrant bush. At last the nectar rolled on my tongue. I lingered, wanting to not let it end too soon. I was happy and satisfied when finally I had to let Naomi have the final, explosive orgasm.

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