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Lured Into A Secretive Squad (continued 21)

I was relieved when Naomi Cheslow went back to her room after the fashion show she’d put on for me. Every outfit she’d bought was a knockout on her. Of course, when a woman is over six feet tall, lean and toned, clothes come to life on her. I was in a constant state of denial against my lust for her. Worse yet, her personality was revealed as pleasant, thoughtful and generous,and I began to grow real feelings for her. This was something I had to fight off. It’s inevitable that I would get hurt. This gorgeous, wealthy amazon has dated movie stars; what could she possibly see in me?

The doorman buzzed. “Miss Schachter, sir, to see you,” he said.

“Send her up, thanks, Charlie,” I said. It didn’t occur to me that there could be any friction because of Naomi being here. For one thing, I had assumed that Naomi had told Aileen Schachter of the arrangement ahead of time. They’re in the same N3 group and plan strategies together, so why wouldn’t Naomi’s strategic hiding place be known to her cohort?

I stepped out into the hall to welcome Aileen as she came along from the elevator. She surprised me a little when she stood on tip-toe, pulled my head down and kissed me strongly. She released me and went inside. I followed her in and closed the door.

“How have you been?” I said. “Can I get you something? Coffee?”

“Coffee would be great, thanks,” she said. “We have to discuss a strategy because our spies tell us that the Aryans have another atrocity planned, and I’m wondering why Clark McCracken hasn’t tipped us off yet. He better not back out of our deal or I swear I’ll publicize the photo all over town of him sucking a dick.”

We sat at the kitchen counter sipping coffee when Naomi entered in skin-tight stretch jeans and a silk shirt that hung on her like a flowing curtain. It was almost transparent and she was clearly nude under it. It was just short enough to expose her navel and the bottom of her ‘six pack’ abs.

“Oh, hello Aileen. I didn’t hear you come in,” said Naomi.

“What are you doing here?” Aileen said.

“I’m staying in the guest room for a while,” said Naomi. “You know there’s a contract out on me by the Aryans, and I’ve been advised to not go home.”

“Well, you can’t stay here!” said Aileen.

“Why not?” I said.
“Because we’re lovers, asshole,” Aileen said. “We have a relationship!”

“No we don’t,” I said. “We’ve had sex a couple of times, but we’ve never talked about a relationship. I didn’t know you’d read more into it.”

“I better go to my room,” said Naomi.

“You better go away!” said Aileen.

“Aileen, please be reasonable,” I said. “Naomi and I are not lovers, we have never slept together, and I’m just helping a member of N3 in time of need.”

Aileen wasn’t mollified by this information. She turned on her heel and walked out.

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