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Lured Into A Secretive Squad (continued 20)

I stayed in my apartment office most of the day after Naomi Cheslow asked to stay at my place. Of course, it was a tight moment for me, to say the least. Naomi is more than six feet tall – an amazon – and simply gorgeous. It was a bit annoying to me that this one person has stunning good looks, exemplary physical condition, legs so long I almost thought they were as tall as my overall height; and she’s very wealthy. I must remember too that she’s very smart. She has a pHd in biology. She’s written two books on the subject that are ‘must reads’ in universities.

I admit that it wasn’t easy to write my article with Naomi in the apartment. She was thoughtful enough to not interrupt me, but still, she intruded into my thoughts. I wondered if I could please her in making love. I wondered if the above average size of her made a difference when the man is just average at best.

I could hear her going around the apartment cleaning or checking things out, I don’t know which. She found the central vacuum cleaner thing and began to do the thick, mint green wall-to-wall carpet that ran through most of the rooms. I thought perhaps, after a few weeks of sharing the space, I might admit my lust for her and see what her reaction is. If she encourages me, I’ll slip into her bed one night. If she rejects me, I’ll find a way to do my writing and illustrations without her presence intruding into my mind.

The second day of her tenure, Naomi did enter my office. She was absolutely silent, walking softly in her bare feet on the supple, dark forest green carpet in my office. Silently, she put a tray on the credenza behind me. The tray included a carafe of fresh, black coffee and a plate carrying a bagel with cream cheese. She had obviously noted that I take coffee black with no sugar. I heard the buzzer from the doorman and went to respond.

“Delivery for you, sir,” he said.

“Oh, that’s for me,” Naomi said.

“Please send it up,” I said.

“I did as you suggested,” she said. “I just ordered some new stuff on line, and some of it is being delivered now, I guess.”

I took the four bags at the door. Naomi had paid for everything on line. I took the stuff into her room for her. I went into my media room and watched the television news. Before long, Naomi came in to model one of her new outfits and ask my opinion. It was impossible to put up an appearance of nonchalance as she paraded around before me. She looked like a wet dream in a skin tight body suit of shimmering red spandex. She modelled the outfits one after the other. I had to tell her that each and every one was magnificent on her, because it was.

“You’re the most stunning woman I’ve ever known,” I told her. She stopped for a moment, and then smiled broadly.

“Why, thank you kind sir,” she said. She went to her room and closed the door behind her. I felt like an ass for telling her she was stunning. I’m sure she hears it all the time. I’m sure she’s known she was a knockout since she was ten. At least now I knew that she felt no spark for me. Her response was mockingly polite.

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