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Lured Into A Secretive Squad (continued 12)

Aileen Schachter was just out of my bed when she got a text message. She paused on her way to the shower to read the message.

“You better get up too, Honey,” she told me. “I have a message from Clark McCracken.”

“What’s up?” said I. Reluctantly I rolled out of bed. Aileen and I had spent almost the whole night making love. I don’t mean just having sex. I mean making love, giving and receiving love with our whole bodies, realizing all our fantasies and satisfying all of our desires.

“We’d better shower together,” she laughed. “Just to save time, you understand. No ulterior motives.”

“I should hope not,” I said, “after the night we just enjoyed.”

I adjusted the water to a nice, warm temperature and set the shower head to a wide, soft spray. Aileen stepped in first and I followed. I paused to just look at her. Her shape was all woman in a petite package. Her breasts, although small, were perfect on her slender frame and narrow waist. Her tawny skin glistened as the water cascaded down over her body, and the very white parts like her breasts and pubic area seemed to sparkle with the droplets. I felt strange, getting an erection there in the warm shower while Aileen watched it rise, her eyes wide.

She stepped toward me and knelt in the cascading stream that ran down our bodies. I watched the water pouring from her heavy hair to run down her back to her ass. Her touch sent shivers through me and I was engulfed in a swirl of sensations.

Afterwards, we toweled off together. Aileen urged me to hurry. I was quick to remind her that we’d spent extra time in the shower.

“Would you rather I’d not made love to your willy?” she said.

“No. I’d rather you’d not hurry me when I still feel weak in the knees from your lovemaking,” I said.

She went into the living room and texted McCracken ‘where? when?’ There was not an immediate response, so I went to the kitchen to make French toast. We ate together in silence. I’m sure we were both thinking about Clark McCracken and his message. We were concerned about the delay in a response. Had he been caught contacting us? Was he out with his guys so he couldn’t respond at once? We ate slowly, each alone in thought.

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