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Lured Into A Secretive Squad (continued 11)

Aileen Schachter left my apartment to gather a meeting of the N3 agents. They were to discuss the pros and cons of punishing Clark McCracken and his cohorts, Bruce Dillard and Andrew Hoit. Aileen told me that she felt it might be better to get all the local N3 squads together, get all the Aryan assholes together and maybe discourage their violent discrimination for a year or so.

I set about straightening out my apartment. All the dishware and cutlery was gathered up and put into the dishwasher. I stripped the bed and put all the bedclothes into the washing machine. I knew there must be hard, dry stains here and there, after the night of passion Aileen and I had enjoyed. I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it as much as I did. We slept soundly. I was touched when she whispered, childlike, ‘Please hold me’.

I had just finished the housework when Aileen phoned to ask me to join our N3 squad in the downtown meeting room. I showered, dressed, and drove down to the meeting. I sat and listened quietly as they made plan after plan to rough up the Aryans in response to their attack on Mr. Hahn and his daughter. After almost an hour, the bickering became tiresome. I stood up to get their attention. There was a couple of dozen gathered in the large room, babbling at each other. I slammed my hand down on the table and they immediately shut up.

“I don’t agree with this intent to ambush them on their turf,” I said. “It might give them an advantage. It might even give them the right to report us to the police for a violent attack.” A lot of people looked at each other. Many looked to Aileen as if asking who I am and why I was there. I guess if the truth were to be spoken, she’d have said something like, ‘I’m hot for him and I suckered him into N3’. Instead, she explained that I was an old family friend of the Hahn’s.

“We have our hooks into Clark McCracken, and we’d be stupid to launch an attack when we can either bring them to us by planting a story through McCracken,” I said. “Or we can wait for McCracken to come to us with inside information about something the Aryans are planning. Haste makes waste.” I waited a minute for it to sink in while they discussed it among themselves. Aileen Schachter came to me and whispered.

“You’re wonderful,” she said. “Tonight I’m going to sit on your face.” I got the feeling that Aileen had some unsatisfied sexual desires. I planned to satisfy them.

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