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Lured Into A Secretive Squad (continued 10)

Aileen Schachter rose and came into the living room looking cute and sexy in one of my white shirts. On her, it was a thigh length dress. She was sleepily scratching her head while squinting at the light from the window. I went to her and steered her into the bathroom and suggested she shower and get herself together.

I scanned the news on my laptop while I waited for her. She emerged after about ten minutes. She wore a bath towel around her waist. She was so slender that it almost wrapped around her middle twice. From the hips up, she was naked, except for the towel around her hair. I was pleased to see that she did not seem to feel that she was flawed because she was petite. She was striding across the room with the big towel touching the floor and it took my breath away to see her. That finely featured face, the tawny complexion except where the white bikini marks were and the proud, erect posture made her irresistible. Her tiny breasts looked rightfully proud.

I took her to the dining table where I had laid out tableware. I’d had the wings warming under the infra-red lights, so I was able to bring them to the table immediately. I pointed out the sweet and the spicy sauce containers and was pleased to see that she immediately chose the spicy version. So did I.

“What do we do with the names and addresses we got from Clark McCracken?” I said between mouthfuls of delicious chicken wing meat. She looked irresistible, childlike with red sauce around her mouth and in stripes on her cheeks. There she sat, topless, her childlike body hid her age, which was twenty-two. I knew she’d be famished when she got up, and she ate like she was desperate for nourishment.

“We’re going to assemble a crew, give an iron pipe to every member, and break a few bones and hairless heads,” she said while gnawing on a spicy wing.

“Isn’t that a bit extreme,” I said, inhibited by the idea of hitting a person – any person – with an iron pipe.

“Get over it, Sweetheart. Remember why we’re going after these three. They beat the shit out of harmless old Mr. Hahn and stuck their filthy dicks into poor Molly Hahn. You know she’ll never be the same. You know that her father lived through the agonizing experience of listening to her screams of fear and pain while he was being beaten by thugs.”

“That’s a great pep-talk. I hope we can at least get them in a meeting together and nail them all at the same time,” I said. “We’ll have to punish Clark McCracken, too. For one thing, he deserves it as much as the other two do. For another thing, he’ll lose their trust if he doesn’t get what they get. We want him to be trusted on the inside.”

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