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Lured Into A Secretive Squad (continued 9)

I stood up in the Jacuzzi tub to let the bath foam drain from my body. Aileen Schachter reached up and gently took my penis into her hand. She smiled up at me as she scooped up water with her hands and dumped it over the stiffening organ. She knelt and kissed along its length.

I stepped out of the tub to dry myself with a plump bath towel. When she stood up in the tub I reached in and swept her up in my arms and placed her on her feet on the floor. I took a fresh terrycloth towel and dried her body as she stood there, enjoying the attention. I admired every inch of her. The whiter skin of her breasts, butt and pubic area showed me that she sunned herself in a very skimpy Bikini bathing suit.

“You’re very beautiful, you know,” I said. Aileen shrugged and made a doubting sound. “Your breasts are pretty with nipples like fresh strawberries. It makes me want to kiss them.” She quivered and turned her head shyly to the side. “Your ass, your legs are just gorgeous; small, yes, but very, very stimulating.”

I scooped her up in my arms again and carried her to my bedroom. I lay her down gently and put a light blanket over her. I feared it might be cool on her damp skin, in spite of her unnaturally warm body temperature. I looked down on her lovely face, her heavy lids closed over her dark eyes, her full lips in an eternal pout. I padded about barefoot and naked. I closed the heavy drapes to put the room into quiet darkness. I lit a rose scented candle and placed it on the floor in a corner. The light danced on the walls and ceiling, but did not reach our eyes directly.

I folded back the bottom corner of the light blanket that covered her from feet to pubic hair. I was pleased to see that it was thick and curly. I slid my face up between her legs. Sleepily, she parted them for me. I slid my arms under her legs and kissed a trail up her thigh until I reached the hair. I caressed her vagina orally, as slowly and gently as I could. I wanted this lovemaking to last

Aileen slept soundly until almost seven in the evening. I ordered a lot of wings from Klucker’s, with both sweet and spicy sauces and waited for her to stir. I didn’t know what her preferences were – in anything, really. But I knew my preference was for her. She’d gotten under my skin with her intelligence, courage, agility and beauty.

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