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Lured Into A Secretive Squad (continued 8)

We didn’t talk during the drive to my place. I don’t know what Aileen Schachter was thinking, but she was obviously lost in thought, staring at her hands. I was having difficulty in focusing on any single thought. My mind was bouncing around like a golf ball in a tiled bathroom. One moment I was grappling with the rather unbelievable fact that I’d stood facing a skinhead while holding a Glock 45. The next moment I was distracted by the sensual warmth of Aileen’s slight body pressed to mine. That led me to wonder what was ahead when we arrived at my apartment.

I parked in my underground space in my building. As we crossed to the elevator I took her arm gently in my hand. I was again surprised at the heat of her flesh. In the elevator on the way up to my floor I brought it up.

“Do you have a fever?” I said. She looked up at me.

“It’s always been like that,” she said. “My normal temperature is a few degrees more than the average. The doctors have a name for it, but for me, it’s just another oddity.”

“What do you mean ANOTHER oddity? What’s the other?” I said.

“I’m a miniature,” she said. “Look at me. I’m a small fraction of your size. I weigh next to nothing.”

“So you developed skills to make you less vulnerable,” I said.

“Yes. I mastered karate and firearms to take care of myself.”

“Congratulations,” I said. ”You mastered it alright, judging from the way you wiped out Clark McCracken. By the way, your petite size is attractive.”

I swung aside the door to my apartment and waved her in. She looked around quickly as she entered the foyer.

“Where’s the washroom?” she said. I directed her to it and closed and locked the door. I went into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. Aileen returned in a moment.

“I love your bathroom,” she said. “Is there any chance I can use that gorgeous Jacuzzi tub?”

“Of course,” I said. “Any time.”

“Right now, I mean,” she said.

“If you like. Why not?” I said, hoping I’d covered my surprise.

“Is there any chance you’ll join me?” she said.

I filled the tub and covered it with thick foam bubbles. I knew that she was insecure, so I gave her time to get into the tub before I entered. I just dropped my towel and watched Aileen as she looked at my privates while I sank into the warm foam and water.

I sat across from her and smiled while the water jets massaged our bodies. She slid across the tub and sat close beside me. I could feel the heat of her body. She smiled at me and slid onto my legs to press her back to my chest. She wiggled slightly until my penis rested softly in her rear cleavage. That seemed to please her so she lay her head back on my shoulder.

I reached around to gently caress her tiny breasts. When I felt the hard, erect nipples, a thrill passed through me. My penis reacted and also became erect and hard. I slid my hand down from her breast and let it slowly slide between her thighs. She gave me permission to make love with her by spreading her legs slightly so I could gently caress her vagina.

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