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Lured Into A Secretive Squad (continued 6)

southern_pickup-620x412Clark McCracken’s face went white and his eyes bulged as he stared at the photograph of himself with a penis in his mouth.

“Where the Hell did you get that?” he cried.

“Where we got it is not interesting,” Aileen Schachter said. “What’s interesting is that we have it, McCracken. But don’t worry about it being exposed. You can easily stop that from happening.”

She was still kneeling on his chest while he lay there, blood trickling from his nose, his arms out wide in surrender. I had to smile at this bizarre sight. Aileen was thin as a stick and about five feet four inches tall and weighed barely one hundred pounds. McCracken, on the other hand, was six feet three inches tall and built hard at about two hundred and twenty pounds.

“What do you want?” McCracken growled. Aileen stood up from kneeling on his chest and stepped back. McCracken jumped to his feet and glanced at me. I leveled the Glock at him. He stepped back from Aileen. “How do you mean, exposed?” he said.

“I mean exposed,” she said. “We’ll print up posters and put them up on lampposts all over town. We’ll put them in store windows, plaster them on fences and of course, there’s the Internet.

“Oh, fuck,” said Clark, looking at the ground, shaking his head and rubbing the back of his neck. The poor guy was tearing through his feeble mind, looking for a way out. “What do I have to do to get that picture?” Without hesitation, Aileen flipped the print at him. He tried to duck, but it hit his upper lip and picked up some blood before it dropped into his hands.

“You can have this picture, Clark, to remember your happy time. But don’t worry, we have lots of copies,” Aileen said. “What you’re going to do, superior Aryan, is first; give us the names and addresses of your two helpers in the Hahn family atrocity. After we take care of that, you will be our eyes and ears inside the Aryan Nation. You will advise us in advance of any attacks that you slugs plan.”

“You’re crazy!” Clark said. “I can’t do that!”

“Oh God,” Aileen said, “That’s terrible because I can’t stop that photo from being published.”

“Maybe we can make a deal,” said McCracken.

“Of course we can,” Aileen purred. “You’ll be our spy and we’ll lose that photo. If something goes down that we don’t know about in advance, we’ll find that picture and bring it to you again.”

“Have a heart, Aileen!” McCracken said.

“We have hearts as sympathetic as yours was when you stuck your smelly cock into that poor little girl’s pussy,” she said. “Right now, I want the names of the two assholes that were with you.”

“How do I know you won’t flash that picture around anyway?” Clark said.

“You know because you have a permanent position in our activities. You’re our inside man at the Aryan asshole club,” Aileen said. “If I advertise that you’re a cocksucker, I lose that advantage. I hope you don’t fail me and make me ruin your image.”

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