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Lured Into A Secretive Squad (continued 3)

The whole N3 squad as I knew it was at the next meeting. The debriefing was held in front of the whole crew to enable every member to get the full story of the other members’ experiences. I didn’t know it at the time, but we were to get assignments at the end of the debriefing meeting. I thought things were moving a bit recklessly fast, and intended to protest the speed with which things were advancing. Actually, I had never intended to be a guerrilla fighter, and decided to quit.

Before I had a chance to approach Aileen Schachter and tell her I was opting out, she announced that we were to work in teams of two, and she assigned the pairings. In the end, she looked at me like a sergeant looking at a rookie and announced she’d be teaming up with me. Needless to say, I immediately abandoned my plan to quit and dedicated myself to any supportive role Aileen might have for me.

Aileen asked if we could get together the next night at my apartment to plan our own N3 strategy. I stifled my surprise and assured her it would be a good idea. I suggested we have supper together at my place while we develop a strategy to deal with the anti-Semitic activities of the Aryan bullies. She agreed in an off-handed way as if my suggestion was barely worthy of attention. I vowed to myself that she would have a more attentive attitude in the future.

I realized that setting up for a romantic style dinner would not be the right thing to do. I had to present myself as ready to serve N3. I had to develop a genuine passion for the vigilante work of N3 for two reasons: first, I was getting hooked on this unique woman of strength and intelligence, and second, as a Jew, I could fall victim to these anti-Semitic white supremacists. They set themselves up as superior, while in fact they are inferior. If they were actually superior, they could run things the way they want to by actually earning positions of power and influence. Instead, they try to use brute force to gain superiority. That’s the way a primitive, ignorant society might get things done, but when dealing with a guerrilla group of dedicated vigilantes, their technique would have only temporary results.

I was the only one that had known Clark McCracken when we were growing up in the neighbourhood. Aileen asked me if I thought I could do what might be necessary in dealing with the skinhead he’d become.

“I’ll need some help in learning what we can do,” I said. “I’m a writer in an ad agency. I don’t know anything about vigilante warfare.”

“The main thing is to remember that we are not a ‘secret’ organization,” Aileen said. “We are a ‘secretive’ organization.”

“I understand the difference,” I said, somewhat impatient with her addressing me like I was a confused child.

“I’ll be at your place at seven. We can eat – nothing fancy, please – and hammer out a strategy,” said Aileen. She turned and left the room, left me standing there.

I drove to the supermarket while mentally figuring out a menu. I didn’t think to ask if she ate only kosher. No, she must not, I concluded, or she would have made a point of telling me. She also would be unwilling to eat with my dishes and cutlery because they’re not kosher.

I went to the kosher section of the market, just to be sure. Besides, it might be comfortable for Aileen if the meal is ethnically familiar. I bought beet borscht, gefilte fish, sour dill pickles, bagels and dry cottage cheese. For good measure I bought challah bread and headed home, eager to meet with the fascinating Ms Aileen Schachter in private. I wanted to know all about her.

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