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Lured Into A Secretive Squad (continued 2)

I struggled to stifle my emotions as I sat facing Mr. Hahn. We sat at the kitchen table in the small walk-up apartment over his barber shop. His aged face was bruised and swollen, his eyes blacked and a bandage covered a cut on his forehead. I knew him to be a kindly, timid man and I wondered how much he was suffering internally at the thought of the brutes raping his daughter.

Mr. Hahn was able to give me a rather good description of one of the three suspects because he remembered him from the neighbourhood. He was raised just one block over from Hahn’s barber shop and moved away with his family when he was seventeen.
His name was Clark McCracken and he’d developed into an Aryan warrior between the ages of seventeen and 22. Mr. Hahn did not know the other two offenders, but he did notice that those two committed the rape on Molly, but Clark did not. In fact, he seemed to be trying to discourage his cohorts, claiming that Molly was only fifteen and a shy, well behaved girl. One of the brutes turned to Clark before he pushed his way into Molly’s room.

“Always fuck a Jewess,” he laughed. “Let them see how an uncircumcised dick feels. Once they feel foreskin, they never go back.”

Poor Molly’s father could do nothing to help his daughter. He was sprawled in his barber chair, stunned from the blow to his forehead that was delivered by the barrel of Clark McCracken’s revolver.

“What happened to you, Clark,” Mr. Hahn had said. McCracken looked at the old man.

“I learned what the world is really like,” he said. “It’s a cesspool of greed and power in the hands of you Jews. You’re planning to manipulate all the markets and all the governments to take complete control over society.” Mr. Hahn shook his head slowly.

“As you can see, Clark, I am wealthy and powerful in the same place doing the same thing as I’ve been doing for more than thirty years. Where is my wealth and power?”

“You’re probably sending everything you steal to Israel, for their military leaders.”

I took notes on everything Mr. Hahn told me. He said it would be a few days before I could speak with Molly and Mrs. Hahn. I was not looking forward to it, I can assure you.
I learned that the two rapists had Nazi style tattoos. One had a swastika soaring in the claws of a hawk. The other had an Iron Cross over a broadsword. I thanked Mr. Hahn and he thanked me. I promised to see him again in two days, when I hoped to speak with his wife and daughter.

At home in my hi-rise apartment, I organized my material neatly in preparation for presenting it at a meeting later that night with the N3 group. I was actually eager to see Aileen Schachter again. I was attracted to her by her magnetic, feisty character in such a slight, slender young woman.

I wondered about her background and what had led her to be so fierce in her drive to protect the Jewish community. I decided to look for an opportunity to speak with her one-on-one. I was attracted to her and curious about her – and her connection to the young guy she seemed to go to at the meeting.

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