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Where Is It Right To Write?

Perhaps different locales are suited to different projects. I wrote my best song lyrics in a splendid old walled and gated park amid massive, stone mansions in the midst of a large city. I wrote all the television scripts for my first series in a cramped den, with my kids interrupting me every 12 minutes, because “The wheel came off my truck, Dad,” or “The shoes are missing from my Granny doll”. That was during evenings, after a day of writing commercials.

I wrote my first (and only) feature-length screenplay in a motor-home in Annapolis, Maryland, during a water’s edge boat show. I wrote my second television series while taking care of business in a busy ad agency office (mine).

Sometimes the silent stillness atmosphere is encouraging, sometimes it’s intimidating. Sometimes music, prominent or background, can help or it can interfere. Sometimes radio or television talk is in the way, sometimes it seems it goes unheard.

I guess each of us has to find the place where each project will flow comfortably from mind to keyboard. One thing I believe in, if something is not in you, it cannot come out, so take in lots of everything everywhere you go, without being judgmental.


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