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Writing Because You Like It

All of us who don’t have to write but do it anyway do it because we like it. Why do we like it? It’s not easy to do and it’s very easy to do. It’s not easy to dig through your mind and suffer memories that design scenes and characters for us. It is easy when you know where you’re going with a paragraph and while you type a word, the next word falls into place, and the next and on to the next… but – the string ends and the difficult internal digging begins again.
All kinds of people write for pleasure. Most do not write very well, but that doesn’t matter, because they gain the pleasure of writing and the powerful fantasy of someday becoming a published author.
Writing is like buying a lottery ticket. You know there’s very little chance that you’ll win and you know the only way to guarantee you won’t win is to not buy a ticket. So you buy a ticket because you might win. That thought is so delicious that you enter the lottery regularly, knowing you have almost no chance at all.
As you write, you know there is slim chance that you’ll be published. And you are certain that if you don’t write you’ll never be published. So you write because you might be published. That delicious thought has you writing whenever you can, knowing it has a good chance of going nowhere.
Obviously, we write because we like it – even love it. We must continue to enjoy the act of writing and the art of writing and hope for success. Personally, if I like something I’ve written, I’m satisfied. Of course, I’d like others to read it and like it, but that’s not essential, although it does give me great encouragement when they do.
I don’t do any promoting of any kind, largely because I have no idea how to do it. I don’t want to make the effort. I just love to write, and have the godlike control of every character, every location, and every word spoken and heard. I wrote a lot, professionally. I enjoyed it 90% of the time, but I wanted more. Now that I write solely for myself, I like it a lot. When money is removed from any ambition, the goal is greatly enhanced.

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