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The Decline Amid The Rise

I believe that our society has always been the treacherous mess that it so obviously is today. I’m no historian or researcher, but I’ve been around for a long time and one picks up a lot of information over time. A broadly varied life has been my university. Although today’s news informs all of us of horrendous deeds by the dozen, it is because of the information rapid transit system. One hundred and fifty years ago, this same vile crap was being perpetrated by the psychopaths of the time. Of course there was much less of it because there were much fewer people. Where you find people, you find evil. More people = more evil.

Now we have box seats from which to observe the mendacity, greed and psychopathy – often as it happens. Just this morning I saw a viral video of a young cop as he knocked an aged homeless man to the ground. He then stood over the helpless old man, wagging a finger and forbidding him to use the public washroom to which he was headed to pee. Is that why that young dick became a cop? So he could get a uniform and a badge that entitled him to be an abusive swine?

When I was a kid growing up in Toronto, a man who wanted to become a cop had to be at least six feet tall, clean shaven and impeccably uniformed. Many rode silver Harley-Davidson motorcycles, some were three wheelers with trunks on the back. Riders wore black polished leather boots up over their calves, and they looked fabulous. They did not carry guns or clubs, and they were very kind and patient with kids who were lost or hurt or scared. Maybe they beat up drunks, too, but without the ever-present cameras of today, who knew?

I like to watch the real life police shows like ‘Forensic Files’ and ‘First Forty-Eight Hours’. I’m sure the police groups that are used in the documentary-style shows are chosen because they are so sincere, polite and professional. There must be plenty of arrogant, short-cutting cops who don’t get chosen for public exposure. I’ve always been happy that there are cops around whose job it is to keep the criminals off our backs while they help us toe the line while driving, doing business and so on.

Over all, society is obviously oozing down to less elegant levels, even as technology rises to almost unimaginable levels. I wonder how anyone can contemplate going into a criminal profession when I see the fantastic forensic tools that today’s professional police departments have.

I have a granddaughter that I adore. I feel a burden of sorrow when I think of the quality of the society into which she will mature. I suffer the knowledge that I won’t be here to help protect her. At the same time, I know that she will be equipped with the knowledge and courage to do the right things and protect herself from the wrong things.

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