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A Fascinating Woman (3)

Truman Garrison pushed Damia Zaa out of his consciousness. He had a screenplay to write. He had contracted to create three films for Reward Studios and was eager to finish this third and final draft to fulfill the contract. Part of setting up life alone on a hundred acre hobby ranch was to find and hire a capable ranch hand. He’d need someone to manage the place and care for the animals, especially when Truman was away for extended periods of time, which will be frequent.

The ranch house was extensive. The basement was crude and was accessed through a trap door to a simple staircase. The ceiling was low but the atmosphere was quite dry. Eventually, Garrison would create a wine cellar there. The ground floor included a large country-style kitchen that opened onto the rear deck and pool at one end and onto the large dining room at the other end. Down the length of the dining room was a long pine table with ten matching chairs on a polished floor of wide pine boards. Off the dining room was a small alcove that was a library. Three walls were lined with books, floor to ceiling. The fourth side was open to a massive living room, tastefully furnished with an assortment of easy chairs and sofas. A grand piano stood at the far end of the room before double French doors of glass.

A panel of the bookshelves swung aside to reveal a guest suite. It had its own full bathroom, sleeping alcove and large living room with much closet space. Truman expected that his hired help would live in the house with him until he could have a gate house built. The suite was fully equipped like a small apartment and when hidden behind the bookshelf that swung into place, was apparently not there. It had one window that looked out toward the orchard, deck and pool. Another window looked out over the deep ravine where the rare, healthy elm trees grew.

Truman Garrison went into town, to the post office to ask the postmistress if she knew where he could find an experienced hand or young couple to manage the ranch for him. She referred him to a very capable hand named Shayd Tsord. She expected Shayd to be in later in the day and promised to pass on the job opportunity lead.

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