Starbound 19

Morning found the trio of lovers well rested. They had slept until ten thirty. When they got up, Rachel Horowitz showered first and set about preparing breakfast. Richard Silver showered and went to the studio to prepare for the day’s work. When at last Sylvia Volkov rolled out of bed and showered, she felt famished. The air was fragrant with the scent of Rachel’s culinary preparations.

Richard returned to the house to announce the studio was ready to work on Sylvia’s vocal potential. They enjoyed the breakfast of stir fried pork strips with bean sprouts and yellow beans cooked in a spot of olive oil. They took a smoke break after breakfast and shared a bong of marijuana before they walked over to the studio building.

After several hours of work, Sylvia’s voice was beginning to have a unique sound that the trio believed had commercial potential. They had decided to not reveal these efforts and their progress to The Bitches, their management and especially Sateen. They had observed considerable jealousy within the group and Sylvia didn’t want to attract their ire. She did the best work she could with her dance moves and innovative choreography as part of the background team.

The group toured North America for three months before heading over to Europe where the tour was to last one month. The performances were well received in England, France, Germany and Italy. The group felt happy and appreciated when they returned to Canada. Each individual took the month off, some returned to Europe, several went to tropic islands and Sylvia, Rachel and Richard stayed at Richard’s country home and worked to perfect Sylvia’s enhanced vocals.

As the break time wore away, Sateen called a meeting of the whole team. She had an announcement to make and wanted everyone in the group to know before it hit the media people. Sateen was leaving the group before the next tour. She had met some people with some good ideas, and she was going to be a soloist on her next album. To replace her on The Bitches was expected to be a horrendous chore.

The following day, the team – without Sateen – gathered to plan ahead. As soon as they had gathered in the manager’s office, Rachel stood up and commanded the attention of the excitedly babbling people in the room.

“I propose that we have auditions from our own group to choose one to put out front,” said Rachel.”

“Auditions!” the girls cried. “I don’t want to audition for a group I’m already in.”

“I don’t want to lead,” said Auria Moore.
“No problem,” said Bernie, their manager and agent. “If you don’t want to, we’ll just audition new people.”

“Not so fast,” Rachel said. “We have a surprise for you that we’re confident you will like. We should meet Thursday evening at seven at Richard’s country place. We’ll have a barbecue supper and then spend some time in his studio to see what we have to work with.”

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