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Starbound 18

Richard Silver stood at the poolside while Rachel Horowitz towelled him off. When she knelt to dry his legs and feet, she paused to lick his penis. Richard staggered back a step, melting inside from the sensual sensation.

“Enough of that, Sweetheart,” said Rachel. “I want to save your woody for upstairs.” Rachel headed inside, towelling herself as she went. Richard wrapped a towel around himself and followed obediently. He had never experienced anal penetration and he was as curious about it as any man might be.

It was as strange a sexual encounter as Richard ever had. First Rachel used her mouth to make Richard’s penis rock hard. She left saliva on the shaft and head to provide lubrication. She was still completely naked and bent over the back of a kitchen chair from the back with her hands on the seat in front of her. Richard was also naked and approached Rachel’s offered behind. It was white and smooth and clean and the small opening was easily visible. Richard was doubtful he could fit in and said so.

“Don’t be an idiot Richard,” Rachel said. “Think of the size and shape of what passes through that opening naturally.”

Richard couldn’t deny that logic and was encouraged. He carefully placed the head of his penis at the sphincter that Rachel presented. He gently pushed and to his surprise, it slid in quite easily and the sounds that Rachel made indicated that it gave her pleasure.

They moved together harmoniously, giving and receiving pleasure with each gentle stroke. After a few minutes Rachel could feel Richard’s penis getting more swollen and hotter. She knew the explosion was approaching as did Richard, obviously.

“Should I pull… ,” Richard began.

“No, leave it in,” Rachel commanded with a groan. Seconds later, Sylvia walked into the kitchen. As soon as she saw what was going on, without a moment’s hesitation she stepped on Rachel’s chair to sit on the table and expose her vagina to Rachel. Rachel smiled and without a word put her face into Sylvia’s vagina. Within minutes they had the rare good fortune to reach orgasms all at the same time.

The mutual explosions rendered each of the participants into rubbery weakness. Richard pulled his spent penis out of Rachel. Sylvia just lay back on the table where she sat and Rachel slumped forward over the chair-back.

When they felt they could walk, the three naked partners went to the shower stall and lathered each other up, caressing and talking gently together all the while. Richard had never expected such an exciting situation in the beginning. He was deeply in love with Sylvia but could not resist the unique temptations of Rachel. It also seemed peculiar to Richard that Sylvia didn’t mind that he had sex with Rachel. Suddenly, Richard realized that he, too, was peculiar. He  wondered why he felt no qualms when Rachel and Sylvia made love together. What had happened to his average values?

They lay together in one of the beds and quietly snuggled and caressed each other until each had fallen asleep. Richard’s last thought before he nodded of was about how much he intended to nurture and enjoy this menage a trois.

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