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Starbound 17

In the turquois glow of the underwater pool lights, Rachel Horowitz’s naked body glowed creamy white. Richard Silver sat on the edge of the pool, his feet dangling in the water as he watched Rachel swim lengths. Her slim body and firm breasts were attractive to look at, but Richard was hesitant to touch them. He knew they were implants and he knew that Rachel was a man for almost twenty years before he became a woman. There had been a series of operations to reconstruct Ralph Horowitz into Rachel.

“How did you pay for your change,” Richard said when Rachel paused in her swimming and stood armpit deep in the water facing him where he sat on the edge of the pool.

“My father’s a doctor. He called in some favours and he paid for it all,” Rachel said.

“You mean your own father approved of your change?” said Richard.

“Yes, of course,” said Rachel. “It was making him very unhappy to see how terribly unhappy I was. He loves me, so he did what he had to do to make me happy.”

“What did he think of your stripping?” said Richard. Rachel had moved closer and closer to Richard, looking at his penis resting between his thighs.

“Again, he saw that I had fun with it, it made me happy and I earned a good living,” said Rachel. “He had always been proud of my creative ability to design and make clothes, so he is quite satisfied with his little girl.” She had slowly moved toward Richard until she was standing in the water between Richard’s feet as he sat on the pool apron.

“What about your mother,” Richard said. He was feeling uneasy about having Rachel stand so close, her face close to his limp penis.

“She was outraged,” Rachel said. She bent her head to kiss Richard’s penis. Richard wanted to fight of the thrill of it. He was nervous and embarrassed because he couldn’t decide if he was experiencing a delightful seduction from a tall, lovely woman or if he was perverted by this woman who had formerly been a man.

“What did she do?” Richard said, trying to avoid excitement. He looked down at himself and saw his penis quivering and stiffening. It seemed to be struggling to reach Rachel’s full lips.

“She left us and it’s just been me and dad ever since,” Rachel said. “Of course I have had my own place and lived on my own for a couple of years now, and I enjoy it. I do what I want, and I want this.” Rachel engulfed Richard’s swollen penis with her mouth. Richard threw his head back and moaned as Rachel’s skilled lips and tongue caressed Richard’s penis lovingly. Rachel was ecstatic at the feel of the silky smooth skin that she slid in and out between her lips. She cupped his scrotum in one hand and felt it slowly tightening as the orgasm approached. All at once the explosion was released and Rachel happily gulped the creamy semen down and cleaned Richard’s penis with her tongue. Richard slid off the pool apron into the water and held Rachel close against him and kissed her.

“Do you have a vagina?” Richard said.

“Yes,” she said, “but I need one last operation.”

“Do you have orgasms?” he said.

“Not from vaginal penetration,” she said. “That’s what the final operation is for. I enjoy orgasms from anal penetration, and I prefer sex that way anyway.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” Richard said.

“No, it feels wonderful,” said Rachel. “Let’s dry off and go to my room and I’ll show you.”

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