Starbound 16

They went on the road together: Richard Silver as the audio and lighting engineer for The Bitches rock group led by Sateen. Sylvia Volkov was there as a featured dancer with the group and Rachel Horowitz as wardrobe designer and Sylvia’s manager. It was during a hiatus in the tour that Richard proposed a training program for Sylvia.

“My wife has moved out of our house with the kids,” Richard said to Sylvia and Rachel. “I think we should use the time off to advance our careers.”

“Like how?” Rachel said.

“I think we should see what Sylvia can do with a vocal,” he said.

“You mean sing?” Sylvia said. “I can’t sing.”

“Have you tried?” said Rachel.

“Not really. Only in the shower,” said Sylvia.

“Well then,” Richard said, “why don’t we all move into my house? The studio is right there so we can work on it.”

Richard’s house was spacious and comfortable. The ground floor had a living room that was quite cosy, a dining room that was seldom used and a convenient kitchen with a table and four chairs beside the cooking area.

A back door off the kitchen led to a patio and in-ground swimming pool. On the patio were two settings of garden furniture with wrought iron umbrella tables and chairs. A gazebo beside the patio held a Jacuzzi hot tub. The most important aspect of the property was the old log barn wherein lay the best equipped and acoustically superior sound studio in the business.

Upstairs the three characters each chose a bedroom. There was a small sewing room and a full bathroom as well. The master bedroom had an on suite full bathroom, so it was decided that Richard should keep his master bedroom and bathroom while the two girls would share the bathroom that was between their bedrooms.

The rest of the day was spent moving in, finding where they each wanted to keep things in their individual rooms. Rachel of course earned the sewing room and made it into her design studio as well as manufacturing center.

Sundown found them too tired to work anymore, and they even declined to use the pool or the spa under the stars. Sylvia and Rachel went to their rooms to undress and they again showered together. They enjoyed the mutual grooming; lathering each other’s bodies, sliding their hands over each other’s smooth contours and fondling their breasts. In the end, however, they admitted their fatigue to each other and retired to their beds and fell quickly to sleep.

Richard felt restless and wandered around the ground floor of the house just pacing. He went down to the basement where the game room was, and the large screen television as well as a pool table. Leaning on a wall was a table tennis setup that could be put over the billiard table if that was a preferred pastime.

Finally, Richard went out into the warm night and looked up at the stars. He contemplated the potential future he hoped to build. He was sorry to have lost his wife and children, and it wasn’t because of his attraction to Sylvia. The marriage had gone cold long before Sylvia came on the scene.

Hoping to shed the stress he felt, he decided to enter the pool. He left his clothes in a pile on a chair and walked naked to the edge of the pool. Rachel heard something and looked out her bedroom window. She saw Richard’s buff body in the glow from the pool lights, a pattern of reflections playing across his torso.

Richard plunged into the pool and began swimming lengths vigorously. On his third lap he bumped into Rachel who had stripped down and quietly joined him in the pool. Richard was aroused by the smooth, warm skin he felt on Rachel. He knew she was a transsexual and was conflicted about what to do at that moment.

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