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Starbound 15

After a brief conversation with The Bitches managers, and Sateen herself, they agreed that Sylvia Volkov would be a worthy asset to the act. They shook hands all around, Sylvia and Rachel hugged Sateen and everyone left the building at the same time.

Richard Silver drove Sylvia and Rachel to a lovely restaurant on the water. They sat on the deck that projected out over the rocks where waves rolled in and out beneath them. It was a very muted celebratory mood around their table. The abrupt change in direction of the two young women’s lives gave them pause to contemplate their immediate future.

At the same time, Richard was coping with deepening feelings for Sylvia. He knew little about the relationship between Rachel and Sylvia and was hoping that they weren’t lovers, or at least that Sylvia was not exclusively a lesbian. They spoke softly to each other in contrast to the robust conversations that were going on at other tables.

The sun was setting on the horizon, painting a sparkling golden path from their table directly to the sinking ball of fire.

“I guess I’ll be on the road a lot,” Sylvia said to no one special.

“That’s right,” Richard said. Sylvia fell silent, contemplating what that might mean.

“You’ll love it, Sweetheart,” Rachel said.

“But I’ll be alone again,” said Sylvia.

“You’re one of five dancers,” said Richard. “You’ll be pals with the rest of the girls in no time.”

“Bullshit!” said Sylvia. “They’ll ostracize me, I know.”

“How do you know?” said Rachel.

“When that guy, Bernie said I would do some featured dancing in front of the other four, I knew that it would mean trouble.”

“They’re all professionals,” Richard said. “They know how these things go and they won’t blame you. Sateen will tell them that you did not ask for that, but the managers told you what they wanted.”

“You’ll see, ”Sylvia said. “They will try to make my life miserable. They’ll be eager to see me fuck up and will probably help it happen.”

“Don’t psych yourself down like that,” Rachel said. “We’ll be there to back you up.” Sylvia looked from Rachel to Richard and back.

“You’ll be there?” said Sylvia.

“I’ll be there and Richard will be there,” Rachel said. “Richard always travels with The Bitches’ road show, and I’m coming along as your manager and costume designer for the group.

“Fantastic!” said Sylvia. “I didn’t know that. Why didn’t you assholes tell me?”

“I thought you knew,” said Richard.

“So did I,” Rachel said.

They finished their drinks and drove to Rachel’s loft. They began to feel more like themselves and relaxed around the coffee table passing a joint back and forth. And then another joint while Rachel put on some very sensual music by Barry White. After a third joint Rachel stood up and took Richard by the hand and Sylvia with the other hand and led them to the bedside.

Richard began to disrobe Sylvia while Rachel undressed Richard. At the same time, Sylvia stripped Rachel and the three of them left their clothes in a pile on the hardwood floor and tumbled onto the bed.

“I love having male and female lovers in my bed at the same time,” Rachel said.

The ‘menage a trois’ lasted until morning. The threesome enjoyed realizing every fantasy any of them ever had, and they had happy conversation during a delicious breakfast prepared by Richard.

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