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Starbound 14

The black girl was very tall, and danced well to The Bitches’ music. When she had done her ten minutes, the suit guys directed her to the secretary then to leave. The next girl was also black, a lighter cinnamon colour really. She was petite, like Sylvia, and danced very well, but Rachel’s observation was that she didn’t seem to really feel the music. She was directed to the secretary and out like the first girl.

Two more girls did their dance and were released. One of them had a shaved head. Rachel and Sylvia were alone in the auditorium seats. One of the suits called out to Richard Silver.

“Hey, Dick, is that girl here that you pushed me to see?” he said.

“Yes, Mister Bernard,” Richard said.

“Is she better than these slugs we’ve been seeing?”

“Yes!” Richard said, loudly, through the sound system to startle the mouthy guy.

“Alright, let’s see what she’s got.”

Sylvia, Richard and Rachel had already roughed out the routine Sylvia should do and they had the music score she preferred ready to go.

The music started, and Sylvia first did her cross the stage end to end strut. She loved to do that at the beginning of every performance. Although she was petite, her legs were very long, proportionately and her breasts were real, firm and nicely shaped. She had dressed in a red wrap-around dress that can be worn in several ways. It was suitable for street use, so that’s what she’d worn here. It’s not a strip audition, but Sylvia had a secret plan.

She let the music carry her. She put the audition, the onlookers, Rachel and Richard out of her mind. With a kind of self-hypnosis that she’d developed during the agonizing years in her home town, she simply soared with the sounds. She had shut out the humiliating aspects of her sad life by taking her mind somewhere else. The constant presence of ear buds as she went through her days facilitated her escape from reality.

Now, here, she is not in an audition for a super-group. She is not being observed by skeptical producers. She is alone on a cloud. For the mere mortals who are the observers, they are spellbound by the stunning improvisations Sylvia does with her flowing body. The spins, the swirls, the striding moves with her head up, her arms out as she twirled and glided to the voluminous music.

As the ten minute dance wound down, Sylvia performed a few swift alterations on her versatile dress, and was dancing topless in a red skirt. The suits, the secretary and Sateen were stunned and excited. Richard had been told that she planned to do that, although he had argued strongly against it. Still, when she’s up there on the stage, she’s in control.

There was only one more thing Richard could do since he’d been unable to stop her. He turned on the red spotlight, and it gave Sylvia’s body a luminescence. She strode across the stage as she had done at the opening, turned at the far end and let loose the rest of her dress. She simply ambled back across the stage totally naked, dragging the dress along with her.

Richard killed the lights for a moment and when he brought them up again, Sylvia was again wrapped in her dress. Rachel had never really intended to audition but to accompany Sylvia. The suits asked Sylvia to stay while they had an internal discussion. Rachel immediately assumed the role of manager for Sylvia.

“When you’re a star,” Rachel said, “we’ll call you ‘The Alabaster Queen’.”

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    Please tell your friends. I don’t like to mess about in technology, so I don’t do any kind of promoting. I just write and see what happens, so thanks again for the encouragement.

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      Thank you (I think).

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        Meant it in a good way

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