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Starbound 13

When Richard Silver told Sylvia Volkov and Rachel the group to which they were to audition, their breath caught in their throats. It was hard to believe that it was possible to audition for the hottest girl group maybe in the world. They were going to audition for The Bitches.

“We don’t sing,” Sylvia said. “Why would a singing group want dancers?”

“You’ve never seen their live act, have you?” Richard said.

“Of course not!” said Sylvia. “Where would I see The Bitches, live? I’ve rarely seen them on television.”

“I saw it once when I had a week in Las Vegas,” Rachel said. “They rely on a lot of dancing while they sing.”

The audition was in a huge rehearsal hall in a former warehouse building. The vast edifice was in darkness, save for a concentrated pool of light on a stage far down to their left as they entered the theatre-like space. The spill over light from the stage made the first two rows of seats visible. A small, faintly lit area in the middle of the theatre seats was the control centre. That’s where Richard Silver sat with a young girl who was his assistant. He controlled the audio mix and levels as well as the spotlight, its colour and movements.

Rachel and Sylvia could see half a dozen girls seated in the few rows behind the first two. The first two rows were occupied by several people. Two older men who appeared to be business people from the way they dressed and argued with each other. A younger guy and girl sat off to the side. They held notepads and cellphones and were assumed to be assistants. One more person sat a bit separately and Rachel was amazed to see her.

“I can’t believe she’s here,” Rachel whispered as they made their way to some seats not too far from the other waiting girls, but far enough.

“Who’s here,” Sylvia whispered.

“Look,” Rachel said. “She’s Sateen, the lead singer of The Bitches. I’m surprised she’d attend an audition for just some background dancers.”

“I guess she has some special interest,” Sylvia said. “She doesn’t look like someone I’d like to have as a lover.”

“Thanks,” Rachel laughed. “I guess I should feel privileged.”

“Well, so far you’re my one and only lover, and of course my only female lover,” Sylvia said. “I’ve had men in me, but it wasn’t making love, it was five football players raping me last year.”

“That’s horrible!” Rachel said. “What did you do about it?”

“I left town, came to the big city and met you,” Sylvia said.

One of the arguing businessmen turned and sat next to Sateen and they spoke quietly. The other business type guy shouted to Richard at his control station to turn on his microphone.

“Hello, ladies and thank you for coming,” he said. “I say that just to be kind. We know that you would kill to be one of The Bitches. Just to be objective, we will audition you in the order that you arrived. Who was here first? You? Okay miss, go talk to Richard up there at the controls, agree on what music you want, how you want to be lit and all that stuff, okay?”

The girl appeared to be almost six feet tall in the high heels she wore.

“I just realized something,” Sylvia said.

“What’s that?” said Rachel.

“That girl’s black. Sateen is black. The whole group is black. We shouldn’t even be here!” Sylvia said.

“It doesn’t matter, you’ll knock them out, I’m sure,” Rachel said. “I don’t have a chance because I’m nowhere near as good as you in any way. But you? You’re a cinch to get in.”

  1. November 18, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    I can’t wait to see what happens next

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