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Starbound 11

With the selected CDs in hand, Sylvia Volkov and Richard Silver went to his recording studio. It was on a farm an hour outside of the city. There was a cosy looking two storey house where Richard lived with his family, and a large barn-like structure make of large squared logs. The building was very old, built in a time when trees of that circumference were plentiful.

They didn’t go to the house at all, but Richard guided Sylvia toward the barn. She wondered what he was up to. There couldn’t be a state of the art studio in that old barn. Richard ushered her into the barn through an old, standard pedestrian barn door. Sylvia was stunned the instant she entered.

The reception area was spacious and luxurious. Comfortable seating areas centred around coffee tables. The walls were covered with dozens of framed gold and platinum records earned by the many artists that had recorded their CDs in this studio.

A kitchenette was along one wall and a meat locker type door opened into the control room, and another thick, soundproof door opened into the performance area. A large window of thick, double glass separated the control room from the performing area. The only contact was through microphones and speakers.

They sat in two of the comfortable pilots’ chairs at the control board. Richard fed the CDs into his equipment and captured the individual songs they wanted to use. Then he began editing them together in an order that he felt invited a sensual dance set. He assembled six different fifteen minute programs and had the songs morph into each other so there were no moments of awkward silence.

Sylvia was inspired by the quality music, especially with the strength and fullness of it coming through the massive speakers that covered the walls of the control room. Richard ran each assembled disc through the speakers to evaluate the blending when one song morphed into the next. While Richard was doing this check he took out a joint and they shared it.

The music was getting under Sylvia’s skin. She got up and started dancing quietly around the control room. She moved among the vacant chairs and swayed provocatively. Richard watched her passively while he listened to the music for flaws. She did dance beautifully and she was inspired by the music. It was music that she liked, music from an earlier time and a later time. The routines covered eras from Frank Sinatra to Elton John and The Eagles.

Obviously, Sylvia’s inhibitions fell away as the relaxing effects of the marijuana took hold. She sat in one of the luxurious chairs on wheels and removed her shoes and socks before she resumed her dance. She selected another chair and she removed her jeans and resumed dancing. Richard did nothing to break the mood. The control room was lit only by the spill in from the lit up performing area and the multi-coloured glow from the control panel indicators.

Eventually, Sylvia was naked, finishing her lengthy dance as the last song ended. She slumped back on one of the chairs with her legs stretched out. Richard walked slowly to her and knelt on the carpet before her. He looked into her eyes. She saw what he wanted. She spread her thighs like an opening flower and he was drawn to it like a hummingbird to nectar.

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