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Starbound – nine

Three shows remained for Sylvia Volkov – now known as Sylvie – on her first day as a stripper. She had earned seventy dollars in tips, as well as a hundred dollars per show plus twenty-five dollars because she had ended her performance by flashing her vagina openly at the audience.

Her performances became more and more compelling as Sylvie found more comfort in the setting. She’d never been anywhere near a stage before. The only dancing she’d done was alone in her room, practicing in front of the large mirrors that covered her wide closet door. In the end, she sat naked at the makeup table and calculated her day’s earnings.

Her first act earned one hundred plus twenty-five plus seventy dollars in tips. The second act was not quite as good with tips just up to forty-five dollars. The third act was the best, with tips up to eighty-five dollars and the final act attracted seventy-five dollars. In the end, Sylvie’s take for her first day at the Naked Ladies Dance Club was seven hundred and seventy-five dollars, and she was giddy with delight at feeling acceptance and admiration from men.

Rachel Horowitz and Sylvie took a taxi home to Rachel’s loft. They sat on stools at the kitchen island counter and enjoyed fresh coffee and a joint. The fragrant smoke drifted lazily in the still air, and the two girls, new friends, discussed their situation.

“I guess I should look for my own place now,” Sylvie said.

“You don’t have to, you know,” Rachel said. “You’re welcome to stay as long as you like.”

“I don’t want to interfere with your personal life,” Sylvie said. “The truth is, I like men, too.”

“So do I, Sweetheart, so do I,” Rachel said. I was thinking about how delightful it would be to have you in bed on one side of me and Danny on the other side. We could have a wonderful ménage a trois.”

“Well, I do love this place, so let’s see how it goes,” Sylvie said. “Who’s Danny.”

“He’s a lover I’ve enjoyed for the past six months or so,” Rachel said.

“I’d like to meet someone,” Sylvie said.

“Oh, you will, Sweetheart,” Rachel said. “You’ll have drooling lovers all over you in this town. You’re gonna enjoy life in the big city.”
Rachel and Sylvia went to bed and made love. In the morning, Rachel left early to shop for dressmakers’ supplies she needed for some costumes she designed for another dancer. Sylvia relaxed in the Jacuzzi tub before she dressed and got her green Mustang convertible out of the garage where she rented space by the month.

Sylvia felt the need to escape the hectic, big city pace for a while. She followed a busy east-west major street toward the east. Soon the buildings were smaller, the traffic was lighter, and there were some parks and trees in the suburb. She pulled into a large parking lot at a huge suburban shopping centre.

Walking through the mall, Sylvia was enjoying window shopping. She knew she soon would be able to buy whatever she wanted with new money she earns stripping. She wouldn’t have to touch her savings, which were a very substantial amount thanks to her father’s generosity and the absence of anything on which she wished to spend it.

Sylia went into a music store and began to peruse the thousands of CDs therein.

“Can I help you,” came a warm, deep voice beside her. She looked up into the most gorgeous man’s face she’d ever seen. His swarthy complexion was highlighted by his stunning blue eyes that seemed so bright amid his tanned complexion. Jet black hair tumbled over his forehead and down the back of his neck.

Sylvia couldn’t find her voice for a moment.

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